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  3. Hello everyone! Is there anyone knows how to get data from a Google Sheets API with Node.js?
  4. What exactly is manufacturing SEO? And how it can help your website rank better?
  5. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Node.js with a little SQL is to enough to become a full stack web developer?
  6. According to you which is the best scripting language for Windows and why?
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  8. I know some tasks complement each other since they intervene at certain points; however, there are some areas, which divide web design and development. I need someone to explain this to me with examples
  9. Share your blog on other platforms as much as possible. For example - Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit etc.
  10. There are number of tools for SEO including paid and free as well. Few of the tools are; SEMrush Ahrefs Alexa Google Webmaster Google Analytics WordStream Keywordtool.io
  11. Hey Jeremy, how's it going for you here so far?
  12. How many ways are there to declare CSS in an HTML page?
  13. Prestashop Signup reward module is used to increase the new customer’s signup. Admin can offer multiple deals like price, discount and free shipping’s. The discount offer on products empower customers to make more signup. It enables you to schedule your offer on products for specific time and dates. All these offer ends automatically after selected dates. You can send offer discount, and deals to your new registered customers through emails, sms. Prestashop signup reward module is compatible with all store layouts.
  14. As a business owner, you may want to grab most of the market share all over the world. To do so, you should go for digital marketing. Consult WebTek Digital, one of the best digital marketing company in the UAE. They will form a webpage for your product or service using the best suitable keywords and phrases. This will improve the visibility of your webpage and the new target audience will be attracted to your brand. Also, this will help you retail your existing customers. So, contact the team of WebTek Digital and avail efficient digital marketing services. They are one of the best digital marketing companies in the UAE and build a strong brand name. Maintaining a good image in the digital platform can help you in getting a new team of target audiences. To do it positively, you should consult WebTek Digital. They are regarded as one of the best SEO service providers. Hire their experts to maintain a positive brand image both online and among your clients. The experts will curate an SEO strategy by considering your business requirements and also implement the same to get efficient results. They will also design SEO friendly web content to keep your audience engaged to the site. This will help you to attract the new group of the target audience and eventually help you in getting more conversions. In this way, you can stretch your market share, improve your ROI and grow your business. It will help your brand to touch the new horizon of success. Consult WebTek Digital to shine on the digital platform.
  15. As an SEO expert from NursingEssays.CO.UK first of all you need to analyze some website which are being prominent in SERPs on certain queries or keywords which are dead related to your website niche. Using many online tools can help you in this regard and then do link analysis where your competitors are active and where not. Since there is no fixed formula for your website or any other site to jump right into the top slot but continuing with mix and match work like Blog commenting, Guest Blogging, Guest Posting, Email out reaching, Content distribution activities like Pres Releases Power Point and Info-graphics and last but not the least Social Media Optimization are some great ways you can earn great links to your website
  16. As content analyst from annotated bibliography help I would say that it is just impossible for single individual to put thousands of bucks in all these tools and like Majestic SEMRush ahrefs and Site Explorer from Moz etc at the same time but after all its your capabilities and understanding with comprehensive knowledge how web and Search engines works to give you the best results. You should have great understanding of On-Page and Off-Page and Technical SEO before using these tools because one thing is to remember that these tools are not going to make you expert in trade but you in your work flow
  17. Hey everyone can you name your 5 favorite website tool, and why? OR any interesting web designing tool that recently you've come across? Thanks
  18. Good to have you with us, Ashish
  19. Hello Guys, can we use a PHP built-in web server on a public/production network? Thanks :)
  20. Seo modules are useful for increasing store conversion rate. Prestashop SEO internal linking module is enables you to create multiple internal links. With SEO linking module you can automatically create the multiples links. The internal multiple links helping you to in search engine ranking. Internal links help to redirect your visitors to other important pages of your site at the same time; it also affects a positive impact on SEO. It helps to avoid manual link creation practices. With Prestashop SEO module you can enter your keywords and specific pages the internal links generate automatically.
  21. Prestashop checkout messages module enables you to engage your customers for more actions. You can show messages on cart and checkout pages. The powerful WSYWG editor feature lets you create messages that can include multimedia. You can user hyperlinks in your message that is useful for redirect customers on other pages. Message can be visible only for specific user by using the ruled based design. The rules can be implementing on users, user groups, products, cart value etc. Prestashop checkout messages enable you to schedule also by selecting the starting and ending dates.
  22. Some user need products in bulks within less time, Prestashop quick order table module enables you to save user time and resources on bulk orders. Order products one by one not useful for bulk order. Prestashop quick order table enables you to find products with name, size, category color and multiple features by entering their few characters. Add one by one product consume lots of time if customer want to order in bulks. The results display to users with a specific filters. Quick order table module user friendly interface give a wonderful experience to customers.
  23. Blog is essential for manage Ecommerce sites products and industry news. Blogging enables you to rank your products on search engines. Extendons offer a user friendly interface blog creation features. You can create multiple categories and add content images videos and links. It enables you to change page titles, add Meta information, and insert descriptions with each category. You can sorted these categories can be sorted into custom order. The feature image empower customer to click on blog post. The opencart blog extension WYSIWYG editor enables you to add tags, short and long descriptions, and include feature images.
  24. 技術のさらなる発展により、これは今や市民が個人的なセキュリティ目的のために様々なスパイ機器を購入および購入できることを意味します。全体的なセキュリティを改善したい人のために、彼らは完全な保護のためにスパイギアとスパイカメラを使用できます。機内持ち込みカメラなどの新製品を使用すると、ユーザーは合法的に含まれるマイク付きのスパイカメラを装着して、ユーザーがしていることだけでなく、言っていることもキャプチャできます。このような情報をキャプチャすることは、特に裁判所の申請で非常に役立ちます。 https://www.kokamera.com/super-small-hidden-cameras
  25. Geoip extensions enable you to create multiple rules for different countries or region. You can block specific products for specific countries and you can block the whole site for other country. You can block the specific country or whole regions depend on your requirements. You can also hide the store sensitive pages from unauthorized user such as specific products, categories, CMS pages and entire store. Opencart block IP extension allows you to restrict specific products and categories for any country or region. The extension is compatible with all website themes.
  26. Store owner permanently block traffic of different countries. The block user redirect with a custom message. Opencart geoip store switcher enables you to utilize block traffic on another store. When a block country user is detected the store list display with a custom message. User can select the desired store. Opencart store locator working on the basis of geoip address. It helps to boost store sales by redirecting the stores traffic. Visitor can select desired store manually from available list. You can create variety of rules for various countries or regions and display custom message to blocked users.
  27. The order quantity control app helps to manage the store stock. Shopify user friendly interface app control the min & max quantities for the order as well as the cart page. Its help to manage the store products item, quantity and amount. It enables you to display product quantities in a custom series. Store owner can control the over and underselling problems. Customers can move on checkout section after fulfilling the minimum order requirements. Owner can sell products into batches of 10, 20 and 30. You can create odd and even series that facilitate users in easily selecting product quantities. The minimum order quantity Shopify is compatible with all website themes.
  28. Multiple checkout extension and plugin available on marketplace for making easy and fast checkout processing. Let’s check the opencart checkout field extension that helps to get additional information during the checkout process. Opencart checkout page extension let to add new fields in any section of the checkout page. The field can be visible for both registered customers and guest users. The new fields can be added for specific products, categories, customer roles, cart total, and cart items. Opencart checkout field’s extension supports various types of fields such as text box, text area, select box, radio buttons, multi-select box, checkbox, date and time.
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