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  2. SEO is must for every website. Search Engine Optimization playing an important role in getting the website in top position in search engine result pages like google, bing etc. It is a technique to improve the organic traffic or free traffic and getting the visibility over the website. Definition of SEO: Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting the website in the top position on search engine result page by optimizing the website or changing the existing website. Types of SEO: SEO is mainly two types ON- Page SEO: ON-Page SEO means Optimization of the individual web pages inorder to getting the rank high and relevant traffic in search engines. On-Page SEO technique consists of all the elements of SEO that you can control best. If you have the own website, with this on-Page SEO you can control the technical issues and quality of the content. OFF-Page SEO: OFF Page SEO is the technique, that can be used to improve the ranking or position of a website in search engine result pages. A successful of OFF page SEO will increase your site rank and traffic.
  3. Object Oriented WebSite Development using PHP... How?

    If you want create a business professional website and looking free themes of WordPress log on to https://www.sktthemes.net/product-category/free-wordpress-themes/
  4. What is "Web 2.0"?

    Web 2.0 is a technique which helps you to make your website on other domain like wordpress, weebly, jimdo, blogger etc. In web 2.0, you easily add your blog which helps you to build backlinks.
  5. To get more traffic, you need to do strong off-page of your website. I am sharing with you like... Blog Posting Guest Posting Article Submission Forum Posting Content Curation
  6. PPC gives you the faster result but PPC is paid technique. SEO also gives you the result but it takes much time for ranking.
  7. SEM and SEO both are the best ways. Both processes help you to increase your search engine visibility.
  8. To create backlinks, Forum posting Guest blogging Competitor analytics Content Curation
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  10. What Was Your First Programming Language?

    It was asp but right now I am using PHP.
  11. Looking for E-commerce Solution

    For your needs it`s better to use woocommerce. It is customizable and allows to set many options. If someone needs complex e-commerce solutions, good company Buildateam.
  13. Object Oriented WebSite Development using PHP... How?

    If you are looking for website design or website development then you need to visit Blueastral one of best Web design company in San Jose
  14. Programming for Beginners

    If you are really want to know then you can learn from the online free website course also from youtube tutorials.
  15. Lifetime Supply

    We can see different persons have different choices always for food, it might change according to time bu time, but we need quality food always according to our taste. I know about one company they always provide you with quality food - Rice is mostly all people like. Tajfoods provide you different quality in Rice. Tajfoods (Dehraduni Basmati Rice )
  16. hello Experts Can you share any strategy for website ranking with the minimum time period?
  17. How did you get started designing?

    You need to search on google for the free graphic designing course. then you can learn free graphics software - Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Indesign ...
  18. Logo Sites and Programs

    You can also create a logo with online free logo maker websites. Digital Marketing Company in Faridabad
  19. I want to learn Graphic and MultiMedia

    search for free course for graphics or multimedia, you can get many with good options.
  20. Online Logo Maker

    Thank you for this Cool text tool.
  21. Just upload images with required optimizations, don't upload with over high quality, may effect on loading time.
  22. Graphic Design Resources//Advice

    you can get classes online by different different people.
  23. YouTube or Vimeo?

    Youtube is best because of his quality and trending from a long time.
  24. How did you learn HTML/CSS

    You can learn from free course website, also you can learn from youtube tutorials.
  25. you need to pay for your site according to your requirement under website.
  26. Firstly you need to get good traffic for your site then you can earn with the site with Ads.
  27. I'm developing a new theme

    It's not as user friendly as one needs.
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