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  2. Yes, absolutely, HTML/CSS/JScript is the best start for every beginner, who want to make his career in web designing field.
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  4. One greatest Challenge as web designer would be the program under which execution matters, as far as stacking time of calls to the server. Another eventual the tally of programming devices (CSS ,JS) records. In the event that they are vast in number, one can restrict by consolidating js/css records and utilize sprites where conceivable.
  5. I would like to answer the question through my opinion It is necessary for all to know that HTML5 is not a programming language. But it gives APIs for new solutions firm for crucial ingredients within the game world allowing them to run in the browser. HTML5 games can be very efficient and effective. Some of the advantages are: does not require any additional plugins allows creating games for both mobile devices and PCs large and expanding society the game doesn’t have to be installed on the device HTH!
  6. There are many number of tools in seo for both onpage and offpage. Different tools has their different activities. The most famous Google analytics and webmasters are also the tools used for seo on page and off page. Most of the seo company are now using paid tools to get the exact data that can be used to improve their website to reach the standards of seo guidelines provided by search engines. Sky Potential is one of the best seo services company provides digital marketing services which can improve your business.
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  8. Thanks for the valuable information to me. I am also using Bootstrap.
  9. Best Magento extension that does what?
  10. I have recently open a ecommerce store using Magento hosting and seriously I am not much aware of Magento. Right now I am looking for best magento extension. Can anyone suggest me the extension that works best for my store
  11. Hello @Daniel204 Thanks for sharing your valuable answer to us. Your answer is very grateful with simple to understand.
  12. Very informative.... I have tried many software and Here I got some software, which is new for me and I am going to use those... Thanks all of you for sharing.
  13. You can easily check online about SEO Tools - https://buffer.com/library/free-seo-tools
  14. I am also in learning phase and I like Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, I think with this forum I will get many suggestions for the query related to Database.... Thanks
  15. I think Laravel is the most popular free, open-source PHP framework.
  16. Thanks for your suggestion.. I visited the W3school and got the solution..
  17. I loved this framework Laravel it's new and fresh and its got the routing like Sinatra. It's got a ton of bundles witch help tremendously.
  18. With the release of IP.Board 4.x I see a new Community Enhancement for Giphy integration. Nothing huge but kinda cool like other apps to just let you embed an animated gif on the fly to your posts.
  19. When WordPress released the Gutenberg Update 😁
  20. Best way to learn right here from trial and error in my opinion 👍
  21. Nope, dump it. If you've been around WordPress for years like most of us the Classic Editor is the preferred solution. I don't know if it's still "better" but what we're used to. Not to mention so many themes use page builders like WP Bakery that Gutenberg just doesn't play well with.
  22. Ah I miss Fireworks though!
  23. Photoshop is the best tool in web design
  24. 3 free tools to comprehensively test page speed 1. Google Page Speed Insights 2. Pingdom 3. Google Mobile Test
  25. Just like in most other professions, a web designer’s set of tools is what brings a concept into fruition. There are many applications available to our disposal, but there are some that just stand out from the crowd. Following are the most popular tools used for web design. 1. Fireworks 2. Dreamweaver 3. Panic Coda 4. Photoshop 5. Firefox developer
  26. Thanks for sharing this list but backup software is new addition to my knowledge
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