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  2. New Gaming Phone

    When I heard about this phone.I was like no way what's the point of another gadget?But now that I have watched the review, I think it's totally worth it. I think this phone would be cool for kids, but they need to be supervised otherwise they will never get any work done. I like the portability of the phone. The screen size is enough to get some serious gaming done. Like with every other gadget I still don't like the battery life. Some one really needs to do something about battery life, for ALL gadgets.
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  4. What was Your Favorite Windows OS Version?

    Windows 7 is my favorite because I've been using this for quite a long time. I like the simplicity of the design and direct using of OS I don't like complicated things that not needed to my laptop that's why it's still my favorite. I hope I can still use it in the future but I know it would retire and obsolete and OS will be updated again with another version.
  5. What’s your favorite Anime?

    For me I do love the detective Conan anime because I really learned a lot from it and it is one of my favorite because on the different scenario on the anime are sometimes happening into the real life situations. I was really amaze of the story of the anime, it was really helpful for me to solve mysteries regarding on the killing incident that is happening now in our society. I also like the fact that it was a learning experience for me because I learned many ideas that I am not expecting to learned. I really recommend this anime series to most of the people in my age.
  6. Is bitcoin a reliable source of potential income?

    I feel amaze with the sudden increase of the price of bitcoins, last month it was very low but suddenly this month it rise up again. This attitude of the bitcoins really makes me feel wonder if I should make an investment from it or just let it go and find another option to make an investment. Maybe I should take a look again on the chart of its price for the few weeks that elapse to see if it can rise more its price.
  7. New Gaming Phone

    Xiaomi and the never ending supply of good smartphones tho. The phone looks really cool and I love how it doesn't look so heavy and weird compared to the other gaming phones out in the market. Well, it's Xiaomi tho, I won't be surprised anymore because according to some articles, they are selling very well right now. Although, I'm still not in favor of their cameras especially with the Redmi line. Hope this phone would be as affordable as the other smartphones they've released in my country.
  8. Fixing Bugs

    It is not easy to use the code editor and sometimes is very hard for me to find the bug and repair it. When this happening I am making an appeal to my friends or specialized forums where I am asking for help.
  9. What was Your Favorite Windows OS Version?

    My most favorite is the Windows 8 OS. It was released in 2012 and I can still remember how fascinated I was with it when I first saw it in our boss' laptop which was the Sony VAIO. A lot of people, especially during its release, did not really love Windows 8 and they complained about how it was a little bit complicated compared to its predecessors. However, for me it was the most interesting OS that the Microsoft Windows had released even until today. It might be a little complicated because the start button is no longer available and you have to point the cursor to the right to see the search bar and the other functionalities, but for me it made the entire experience more fun and exciting because I get to learn it slowly and I had to really practice which I didn't do with the previous versions of Windows OS. Windows 8 is also very colorful and I like how they showed more importance to the windows key which from my own experience, i did not really used it that much on the other versions.
  10. Mining bitcoin is not worth the time and nerves, I think that is better to buy bitcoins and invest, in this way you may have a good profit without stress. Of course, you must be good at investment or you will risk losing all you have.
  11. Malware Removal Tools

    Adaware and Bitdefender has both free editions and are as good as Malwarebytes in tracking down and destroying malware. Also Windows 10 has a built-in anti malware program it's called Windows Defender and it has Antimalware Service Executable that is running and perpetually scanning your CPU for malware.
  12. Windows XP was my most favorite Windows operating system, it was release in 2001 and is still being used today, unsupported that is, since Microsoft stopped it's technical support in 2014. But it still remains my most favorite Operating System. What's your most favorite Windows OS Version?
  13. April Posting Contest

    actually looking forward for this Monthly Contest of this forum and I can say that Count me IN!! and Challenge Accepted! and also i want to sign up 1 Nathan reacted to this Quote Go to top
  14. Hello Everyone!

    Hello, Medelyn welcome to this site I am hoping all the best for you and you may learn a lot of things here especially the things that will help you especially the things you need in your study. I am also a member here but not even I want to learn about things regarding programming also some of the members here are having a lot of idea in their mind and do not afraid to ask they will answer you and help you
  15. We can't deny the fact that the best way to advertise something today is thru the social media because this tool is very much wide spread nowadays and most of all are in to the social media it may be thru Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube and any other social site, what more if you use a great known and famous social personality. But not that also when you use the social media to advertise it can reach not only the local place you want to advertise it can reach also the other places.
  16. How To Pick A Good Domain Name?

    A domain name that is easy to read, easy to remember, sounds professional, and gives hint to the site niche would go a very long way. It is also good for SEO, right? Having the keyword of the niche to your domain name would have a great impact on how visible and trustworthy it would look to search engines and visitors.
  17. Free or Premium Hosting?

    I think any paid hosting service is better than any free hosting service. They are not reliable and your site could get deleted anytime. If you also run Adsense through them, they get a large portion of it because that's your way of paying their "free" service. You'll have more control of your content and revenue on a paid server.
  18. New Gaming Phone

    Looks cool, seems to have a good performance for its price, so great alternative to the ones out there.
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  20. I'm interested mate, please feel free to give me any tips on how to proceed either through this thread comment or a private message. I would really appreciate that. Thanks for your assistance in advance.
  21. You are welcome mate. I'm sure that by now you must have sorted out your personal issues and checked out the recommendation I suggested for you with respect to the video editing software. I hope it's worth it in some way because I did enjoyed making use of it in some of my video editing tasks.
  22. RED Hydrogen One

    I will just buy this one if I need this kind of phone, specially its features but for now I will stick to my current devices. But I can say that this newly invented product is very amazing. It seems like you're experiencing what you have watched to the Iron Man movie or to any movie/series with holograms in real life and I think it feels great too.
  23. Free and powerful graphics programs

    I found a free open source graphic software called Krita. Its somehow similar to PS and Corel, with some features that is really cool for imagery . I still haven't used it for a long period but i think its great specially for beginners.
  24. Counter Strike Vs. Rules of Survival

    Counter Strike and Rules of Survival are both the same with its type which is a first-person shooter game type, but there are a lot of differences when it comes to game mechanics, rules, animations, graphics, etc. Even if you ask now which one is most enjoyable, probably, most gamers would prefer ROS because it is created and designed using our high end and modern technologies nowadays. They are both interesting but you will find counter strike now to be boring unlike to ROS.
  25. How did you learn HTML/CSS

    I learned the basics from high school. Then some intermediate courses during my University days. My course is mainly focused on software development and IT project management so we have great exposure to web technologies and software development.
  26. Mining Rig Components

    Crypto Mining is a good business if you can make it profitable. There are lots of factors to check before you can see if you can make a business out of mining. You have to make sure you have powerful GPUs to mine with. You need to make your electricity bills as small as possible. And you have to look at BTC and other cryptos' price charts to see if it is bullish or bearish.
  27. It's a very effective tool in marketing because of the sheer numbers of people using social media nowadays its become a good marketing platform. In YouTube for example, you could create your own channel by uploading interesting videos of your business or products and whenever someone subscribed from your channel then they will get notified on your next video upload. So the more number of subscriptions the higher the chances of selling your product or getting conversions.
  28. Perfect - and then not so much

    If it becomes pixelated then maybe the dimensions of your saved image is small. Try recreating the image with the needed dimensions and you'll get a good image and not a blurry pixelated one.
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