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  2. Calendar design and clock design Every day, millions of Internet users use Internet design, and each of them follows their needs and desires, so the design of sites that have been done on the Internet is all for the satisfaction of the needs of the community. Be Each site design has its own goals and themes, and it is necessary to take into account all the desires and needs. In this way, you can find the design of your site in all your topics. Design your own dedicated calendar and clock One of the designing sites that can be useful for most users is the design of a calendar and clock site. The design of the calendar and the clock allows you to have an accurate online time and day at any moment. You will also be informed about the events and events of the day, from the religious times, around the world. In general, the following sections can be used to design a calendar and clock site: The section showing the time of local and official Iranian time in the design of the calendar and clock site Events and events of the day in the design of the calendar and clock site The section displays the exact hour of Azan and sunrise and sunset in the design of the calendar and clock site The section displays the world clock in the design of the calendar and clock site Date conversion section in calendar and clock design Qiblah view on calendar and clock design Part of your age in the design of the site calendar and clock Calendar and Calendar History section in the calendar and clock design The section displays the exact day and hour of the year's delivery in the design of the calendar and clock site Advertising section in the design of the site calendar and clock Contact us and contact us at the calendar and hourly website design طراحی سایت
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  5. I have an E-Commerce website about online gifts delivery, Can someone tell me how can I get more customers using different social media platforms.
  6. Hammad-websolutes


    Ok, thank you. I Will google it
  7. Roussptr12

    How can I make my first website?

    A website is a special mode via which any business owner can obtain the attention of potential clients and this is why it is highly suggested to hire an expert web design team. Even I hired the most renowned Child Care Website Design company and the final design offered by them was absolutely amazing.
  8. Yeah you are right.. and I working with the proper strategy and making quality content with the focused keywords. Thanks
  9. One of my friend migrated his website from old domain to new domain few months ago. Now he wants to secure the website and want to migrate from HTTP to HTTPS. Is it OK to have chain redirection? Does it affect the rankings of the website?
  10. Thanks for the thoughts you shared related to basics and important SEO tips. I appreciate it. Definitely the points you have mentioned is very important and should be followed.
  11. matthewjohn938


    Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage. or we can say when a webpage links to any other page. By the way you can Google such basic queries.
  12. matthewjohn938

    New Member Introduction

    Yes it is a biblical - "Matthew"
  13. Thanks For the suggestions... I working with proper strategy with finding the issue for the better results.
  14. 2G_

    MYSQL MyISAM vs InnoDB

    Thank you for the article, you have answered my question on what format is more appropriate to my application. However, I must add that there are instances where MyISAM would be more appropriate. For instance, I have static data that is dumped into my tables once a month, but the data is queried constantly, as it is usually the case with archival or analysis data. Since there are no insert, update or delete transactions that run other than at the beginning of the month, MyISAM is actually a better choice for this types of cases.
  15. Hammad-websolutes


    What is a backlink? Can someone please guide briefly?
  16. Hammad-websolutes

    New Comer

    Thank you very much. Hi! I am fine what about you?
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  18. VanessaIsabelle

    Tips for increasing traffic to your site?

    You may do on page SEO, do blogs and write useful and creative content. Use social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You may advertise with hashtags to increase traffic and visitors. And never forget to use catchy and witty headlines.
  19. Klint


    I'd want to be a telepath just like Professor Charles Xavier of the X-Men series. I love the idea of being able to communicate with people telepathically. It's also great if I can move things through my mind. Things in my life would probably be very easy since my mind is very powerful.
  20. Klint

    Do you take a break form your freelancing sites?

    I always take breaks from my freelancing sites. I am not a robot and my body has needs that I have to address such as food and sleep. I would rather take breaks from my jobs rather than overwork myself and put my health on the line. Everyone should listen to their bodies; if you need to rest, please rest. It's for your own good.
  21. Nora

    What is your favorite social media sites?

    My favorite social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These three are the most widely used sites in our country and I can easily connect with my close friends and loved ones through them. There are days that I just constantly switch between these three apps because of the enjoyment the I feel when using them.
  22. Taking breaks from your freelancing jobs is very important. Your body does not have an infinite supply of energy. Time will come when your energy will be depleted and you will reap the consequences of overworking yourself. Give yourself time to rest so your body won't be put on the line.
  23. axl2468

    New Gaming Phone

    While mobile can be a great new platform for the future of gaming, I don't see it as being enough to compete with consoles and PC that it requires a "gaming phone", as most high-end mobile games are not that power-hungry compared to AAA PC titles.
  24. VanessaIsabelle

    Is It Possible To Learn Basic Programming On The Net?

    Yes, it is very possible to learn basic programming through the internet. There are a lot of sites which offers coding courses for free such as CodeAcademy, edX, Git Hub, and MIT Courseware to name a few. There are tons of places that offers you how to code. However, please do not really too much on those sites. You also need to invest on critical thinking and analysis to help yourself up since with all these free information, you my get overwhelmed and confuse yourself.
  25. axl2468

    Don't be fooled by this pretty face

    Dear god, that is just creepy. The idea of artificial robots looking like us unsettles me. It's crossing the line of the "uncanny valley".
  26. faithchristy29

    What motivates you to work online?

    I am motivated to work online by my love and responsibility to my family.
  27. faithchristy29

    What sports do you do?

    Basketball is my favorite sport.
  28. faithchristy29

    Hi Everyone

    It is so nice to meet you Jeane in this forum. I hope you are doing great today. See you around.
  29. philipdavid016

    What sports do you do?

    I voted for basketball. It is a good sport.
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