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  2. To be honest, I can say that the new changes look just awesome. I don't know who you are doing web design for your site, but this dude is definitely a professional in this area. I have been working with various websites for quite some time and I can say with confidence that I like this design and it is really unique. I remember that I recently asked my assistant to find a person to update the site design, and as a result, the new design was just crappy, and then I realized that there were quite a few professionals on the market and I had to turn to the web design company san diego for help. Th
  3. Google keyword planner is the best and most reliable tool, that I have ever used. You can also use LSI keywords for your website. You'll get LSI keyword at the end of the Google's result page. For local business, you can target some near me or near by keyword. Long tail keywords are more specific for local business SEO.
  4. Hello, To get organic traffic on your blog, it is a very time-consuming process. For better traffic, you have to wait and continuously update the valuable and fresh content on your blog. For instant, I think you should start writing on some trending topics because most of the users looking for any new information on Google. If you do the same, I think you'll definitely get the benefit. As the admin suggests that social media is the best source to promote your blog or articles. I completely agree with the admin. In social media, Facebook and LinkedIn are the best sources for traffic.
  5. Interested on what existing stuff it will break 😀
  6. A domain name is the address of your site, it is the online address or web address of your site. So, while choosing a domain name you should be very careful. It is an important decision for your website as well as it'll significantly impact on the online success of your website. Plenty of important aspects you must consider while selecting a domain name. Always try to take a simple and easy to remember domain name. Don't include the hyphens and numbers in the domain name. You can also refer to some already registered domain name to form your domain name. You can not use an already re
  7. I think PHP 8 is not yet released. The latest versions of PHP are PHP 7.2.32, PHP 7.3.20, and PHP 7.4.8. As per the update, PHP 8 will be released at the end of this year, and the most exciting feature is the JIT (just-in-time) compilation function. It increases the speed of a PHP script. So, you can easily handle errors, error reporting, etc.
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  9. What is the use of Cyber Security Services?
  10. I think 500 words or more is the best idea in my opinion or you could contact Appoly to write your web page content because they did an amazing job for me.
  11. If you are searching for the best Web Hosting provider around your business then I suggest WHUK - Web Hosting UK, It is the best and leading web hosting provider that provider Cheap Hosting for your forum with unlimited benefits.
  12. To my mind, it`s possible, but you need to have a big amoung of viewers. The main tool there is monetization. As for me, I think it`s much easier to do some online trading, for example, on instaforex review. It will bring a good money while you can develop your youtube channel because it takes super much time.
  13. There is not PHP 8 yet? We're at PHP 7.4 as of today unless I'm not aware of some beta?
  14. After working with this more anything over 500 is really needed. Greater than 2k words becomes cornerstone content.
  15. We haven't gotten into the TikTok game yet, eager to hear any responses.
  16. You can accomplish this in a week if you know what your doing with social & link building. Even quicker if you have an advertising budget. We just launched a site that has ~700 view a day after 7 days. https://osgamers.com/
  17. Yikes! Looks like you changed some of your H1 or other tags that were better optimized before. Hope you took a backup to revert the changes
  18. There must be a reason at this point if it's not receiving traffic. The content is not valuable to the end users and or the search engines to rank it high enough to get traffic. Need more thoughtful and meaningful content.
  19. Can't you do this with the Google Adwords tools? You can lookup keywords in search and what their competition and number of search are.
  20. SEMRush for sure, but it's expensive for a single site license.
  21. For page speed tests I always run these: https://www.alexa.com/ https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ https://tools.pingdom.com/ https://gtmetrix.com/ https://www.webpagetest.org/
  22. Knowledge/technology to build things like Ironman
  23. Welcome to the boards!
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