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  2. Twilight IT Solution persistently stands top in structure focused and dependable web applications utilizing PHP. We have expansive and very gifted designers who can assemble web applications for the latest PHP adjustments. Twilight has fanatically manufactured PHP Web applications by satisfying our customer necessities all around the globe. Business without an extension is ambiguous. Twilight has a group of master business investigators who can help you in encircling your business scope and strategy. http:// https://www.twilightitsolutions.com/php-developers/
  3. Mobile-friendly websites have gained immense importance because people prefer to access the web through their mobile devices rather than traditional desktops. A mobile-friendly website provides an ultimate user experience — the design of a website, page load speed, and the overall structure of a site are all optimized for enjoyable user experience.
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  5. Thanks for the sharing Magento Extensions for eCommerce It would be helpful for me.
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  7. There are so many SEO tools that give different activities and the best and good SEO Tools are: Google Search Console Ahrefs SEMrush WooRank WordStream Google Page Speed Insight Google Mobile-Friendly Test Open Site Explorer Seositecheckup
  8. To name few; osCommerce Zen Cart Spree Commerce WooCommerce (WordPress) Jigoshop (WordPress) VirtueMart (Joomla) Drupal Commerce (Drupal) 3D Cart
  9. There are wide range of SEO tools available in the market that are helpful for ON page and OFF page. Some of famous tools are SEMrush Ahrefs Alexa Google Webmaster Google Analytics By using these tools you can improve the SEO performance. Thanks
  10. On-page SEO can optimize different parts of your website that affect your search engine rankings and Off-page SEO focuses on increasing the authority of your domain through the act of getting links from other websites. There are so many SEO tools that give different activities. On-page & Off-page SEO Tools 1. Ahrefs 2. SEMrush 3. WooRank 4. WordStream 5. Google Page Speed Insight 6. Google Mobile-Friendly Test 7. Open Site Explorer 8. Seositecheckup
  11. Establish an online presence for small and medium-sized businesses to sell products or services. Woocommerce, Magento and Shopify are, In my opinion, the best and easiest platform. They are also good for Google ranking.
  12. Hey! What is the best Open Source Ecommerce Platforms you choice? So, I recently came across a good article on this subject: dinarys.com/blog/10-best-open-source-ecommerce-platforms-for-2018 1 It described such platforms: Magento Community Edition osCommerce OpenCart Spree Commerce PrestaShop Zen Cart WooCommerce JigoShop Drupal Commerce VirtueMart I’m thinking to make my site on Magento 2. And what do you think what is the best platform this year? What do you advise?
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  16. Responsive Web design is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user's behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. It has become an essential tool for anyone with a digital presence. Know more about web development, software development, app development here: https://people10.com/
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  22. Backlinks play an important role in ranking of a keyword and as always quality Content is the king. So is there any possibility to do SEO without making any backlinks.
  23. <img src="https://ghazalwadi.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/slider_final3.jpg"> Ghazal Al Wadi is online beauty product store where you can buy skin care products in Dubai and many other beauty products which are available on their online system. If you are looking for online shopping in Dubai we suggest you to buy form Ghazal Al Wadi the best online beauty product store in Dubai.
  24. FOR THE QUESTION YOU HAVE ASKED, IN MY OPINION, THE ANSWERS GIVEN WITH OPEN SOURCE E COMMERCE SOLUTIONS LIKE MAGENTO, OPENCART, WOOCOMMERCE, VIRTUEMART ARE NOT RELEVANT. BECAUSE, THESE E COMMERCE SOLUTIONS ARE MORE THAN 10 YEARS OLD. Next, I'm not sure if I have to answer your questions stating the newest eCommerce solutions in the market or the solutions built on the latest technologies. However, I strongly believe that technologies matter too and today, although 80 percent of the websites' backend is built on PHP, the recent and futuristic NodeJS technology is seeing a popularity among modern Developers. So, I would like to answer your question on two lines - first, based on the recent entry into the market and not older ones like OpenCart or Magento that exists for more than last 12 years. And second, based on the technology on which these new entries have been built on. Because, I strongly think that technology that matter a lot. Now, coming to NodeJS, although as already mentioned, PHP has been popular for over years, NodeJS is now being adored by many Developers because, of its scalability and performance. Using NodeJS, an eCommerce website can be built not only at low cost, but a result of high performing, fast and speedy application can be seen. Spurtcommere , an opensource eCommerce solution built on NodeJS with Angular for front end, was launched 2 years ago. Now, from past 3 months, we are seeing a tremendous progress of Spurtcommerce in the market. From last three months, they have constantly worked on improving Spurtcommerce and they released their V.2.2 being the current version and now they have already started working on V.2.3. The solution has been developed by an experienced team of Developers, who are experts in NodeJS and in addition, they hold an extensive experience in eCommerce Industry. The team behind Spurtcommerce is constantly striving towards improving Spurtcommerce,So you can use the latest technology for your website development. Spurtcommerce is an open source eCommerce platform, built on NodeJS and Angular. You may download their eCommerce platform for free and that comes with complete source code. You can tweak the solution for your requirement. For more information, visit www.spurtcommerce.com.
  25. WooCommerce quote plugin enables add to quote button on product pages which allow customers to ask for quotes on your e-store. If they need a product with different specifications then they can ask for quotation via quote form on product pages. WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin provides you easy backend to manage the quotes and you can answer them easily. It helps store owners to increase the sales because rather than a general product you can also sell products with specific attributes. This plugin cost you only $19.
  26. <img src="https://codecanyon.img.customer.envatousercontent.com/files/264349318/Product-Quick-View.jpg?auto=compress%2Cformat&fit=crop&crop=top&max-h=8000&max-w=590&s=5776805210d44524d12b5a88954cf0c8"> WooCommerce quick view plugin allows you to help customers in quickly view the products details on shop and catalog page. It displays all the necessary information regarding products in a popup window like product name, description, images, ratings etc. WooCommerce quick view plugin also enables you to choose the product information which you want to display in a quick view popup. This extension helps to save the time of customers and enhance the user experience of your e-store. It cost you only $19 and comes with a money back guarantee and free support as well.
  27. JP POKER merupakan agen POKER IDN yang telah lama berdiri di indonesia,sudah lama berdiri sejak 7 tahun yang lalu dan sudah mendapatkan sambutan hangat di mata masyarakat indonesia.tidak hanya itu JP POKER sudah lulus dari syarat ketentuan dari perusahaan GAMBLING terbesar di asia yaitu PAGCOR, perusahaan yang satu ini menjadi badan pengawasan judi internasional di seluruh ASIA termasuk memegang sebagian besar MEGA WEBSITE GAMBLING di indonesia, demi menjaga keamanan dalam permainan serta kenyamanan para PLAYER.dalam beberapa bulan JP POKER mengalami kemajuan dan perkembangan pesat di indonesia,yang saat ini sudah mencapai ribuan member setiap hari nya serta banyak nya masyarakat yang berbondong-bondong bermain di JP POKER,kini telah menambah staff CUSTOMER SERVICE yang sangat profesional serta sangat cepat dalam melayani para member JP POKER demi menjaga kualitas serta kenyamanan para member nya,tidak hanya itu,proses transaksi DEPOSIT dan WITHDRAW juga kurang dari 3 menit(jam kerja bank/tidak dalam gangguan).menjadi primadona di indonesia? sudah pasti, karena JP POKER sudah memiliki rate kemenangan yang sudah tidak di ragukan lagi,bagi bosku yang penasaran silahkan langsung kunjungi website nya langsung di JP POKER agen IDN POKERterpercaya di indonesia. POKER V terbaik di indonesia yaitu WONGPOKER,poker online yang satu ini sangat banyak di minati oleh masyarakat indonesia dan tidak akan pernah bosan untuk memainkan nya di manapun dan kapanpun itu. kami juga merekomendasikan bagi kalian yang sangat menyukai TOGEL kami juga menyediakan pasaran lengkap dan tepat terutama DATA HK karena memiliki peminat yang sangat banyak maka DATA HK menjadi menjadi paling banyak di incar serta sudah menyediakan prediksi jitu di dalam nya
  28. I am in little bit confusion, Is UX design impacts website rankings? if yes, could anyone suggest me about that?
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