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  2. Yeah, There are multiple forums to allow an outbound link using a Signature. We can this one Do-Follow link.
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  4. Yes CDN is best option to speedup your website. Dental implants The Woodlands
  5. If you are planning to target globally then .com is best option and also it comes into TLD (top level domain).
  6. We all know that the basis of all web sites is web hosting. it helps us attract visitors; it creates the databases which are indispensable for the online business owners; it allows the business to deliver ideas, products, and services; it displays what we are desperately trying to get across; it allows us to survive in the cutthroat internet world. While these are all important qualities that come with web hosting, there are many other opportunities.
  7. IC Project - Complete project management tool Celoxis - The All-in-One Project Management Software
  8. To solve website speed problem : Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) Move your website to a better host Optimize the size of images on your website Reduce the number of plugins Minimize the number of JavaScript and CSS files Use website caching Implement Gzip Compression Database optimization in CMS and for Image Optimization try these : Name your images descriptively and in plain language. Optimize your alt attributes carefully. Choose your image dimensions and product angles wisely. Reduce the file size of your images. Choose the right file type. Optimize your thumbnails. Use image sitemaps.
  9. I think if you want more popularity in your local area, then go with country domain. or else choose .com for worldwide.
  10. Its great that you have such a great experience in IT field. Hope we will have great discussion on this forum. Thanks
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  12. We have made a website for a digital marketing company in Saudi Arabia http://bluebrand.net and worked as a programmer on our website and website on the WordPress platform and installed a template that fits the services provided by the site but I meet a problem and it is speed The website is slow and gives a bad experience to the servants How to solve the problem of site speed. And how can I compress images or use some of the WordPress extras
  13. Tarun Nagar

    Dev Technosys

    Dev Technosys is a mobile and web development company Dubai, started out in the year 2010. With 8+ years of experience in various multitudes of IT industry, Dev Technosys has created a standalone reputation for its breakthrough solutions for businesses of various sizes and of various backdrops. With a well set aims and vision Dev Technosys began its journey with mission to help business simplify their business operations by integrating modern day technology to it. Dev Technosys is all about changing the way business operate important business functions with distorting the well set ways rather making them better. At Dev Technosys you will find the right tools and resources which when deployed in proven tactics become a powerful technology combo deployed by skillful developers to give away unfathomable business management and mobility solutions. Here, we work on PHP, JavaScript, .Net, Open Source and other classic and modern development tools to help you gain first movers and adopter benefits in your industrial verticals.
  14. .com is the best domain and famous also, and everyone knows about it. That's why it is a little bit costly.
  15. I am using Wix for creating a dynamic website. So I will the first preference for Wix. I love it ☺️
  16. What are some good light weight project management web tools?
  17. Hi Everyone, Choosing an agency for your business is not an easy task. I afraid that most of the agencies not providing quality work. In fact, most of those agencies will get the project from you and outsource the work to some other agency. I recently read about these agency "Limesharp, Syncrony Digital, Zaproo" What services they offer is listed into this Ecommerce agencies blog. But need recommendation to select which one agency for my ecommerce business. Thanks,
  18. Mansi30

    What is CakePHP

    You have shared the actual link according to CakePHP. I learned from its new tactics.
  19. In the media library? Depending on what you're trying to do it's possible, but might be blocked for security purposes.
  20. Well it's a must for sure, but most frameworks/libraries do this out of the box now. I wouldn't build anything that is not responsive or includes some type of mobile/tablet views.
  21. Trial and error Building something with these and the experience you'll learn along the way is the best in my opinion, Google.
  22. What is your application, they both have pros/cons depending on your app needs.
  23. Really depends, what framework are you using?
  24. Godaddy is the king of Domain.
  25. There are multiple domain sellers in the market. They have multiple offers in the domain. I use Godaddy the king of Domain.
  26. Mansi30

    PHP IDE?

    Hi Daniel, Thanks for your valuable answer in the community. I am also using NetBeans Editor Tool.
  27. Which is better, PHP or Python? Why?
  28. I want to buy new hosting if anyone has a good suggestion on it please helps me?
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