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  2. These are in trends nowadays, and another one is earn from sponsorship.
  3. I really want to learn C and C++ because it helps me in software development
  4. Yes you can upload PHP script on WordPress but it's better if you shared your script that you want to upload because some time it will be blocked
  5. I am a big fan of Udemy. There are lots of really good course and they are not expensive. When there is a sale, you can buy any course at the price of $9.99-14.99
  6. There are different versions of HTML. HTML5 is just the latest version, and that means that it has absolutely the same stuff as the previous version of HMTL + some additional features.
  7. Learning web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) is a good start for a beginner. Moreover, there is a high demand on web developers, so when you already have the necessary skills, you can get your first job.
  8. You need to choose whether you want to be a front-end developer or back-end developer, or maybe you want to build applications for iOS, Android, etc. 1. To become a front-end developer, you need to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. Very useful article: https://hackernoon.com/learn-to-code-in-5-months-get-hired-and-thrive-as-a-web-developer-5ab6838b2f07 The easiest course on web development: https://www.udemy.com/result-oriented-web-developer-course/ 2. To become a back-end developer, you need to learn one of the server-side programming languages such as Python, PHP, C#, etc. For example, a good course on Python https://www.udemy.com/complete-python-bootcamp/ 3. To become an iOS developer, you need to learn Swift or Objective-C. Apple launched its own programming language (Swift) in 2014. Very useful article: https://lifehacker.com/i-want-to-write-ios-apps-where-do-i-start-1644802175?fbclid=IwAR2iBH6W-Ooyp_nKcY40gnhR-ocIYVC8QFWEaI0MJuIiztlc1LTMk6_r4rU 4. To become an Android developer, you need to learn Java. Please notice that both Java developers and Android developers use the Java programming language, but there is a big difference between these two. Useful article: https://www.itcareerfinder.com/brain-food/blog/entry/how-to-become-an-android-application-developer.html?fbclid=IwAR3VNRF6owN0rLt3dDM0izZZCn232qbwlDyMeXTUe32QD8ONniifcyTPLhY
  9. Hi John, If you want to become a web developer, I would recommend you: 1/ This article: https://hackernoon.com/learn-to-code-in-5-months-get-hired-and-thrive-as-a-web-developer-5ab6838b2f07 There you will find clear explanations on what to learn, in which order and why. It's your roadmap in web development. 2/ Also, I highly recommend the Result-Oriented Web Developer Course on Udemy. IMO, it's the easiest course on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for beginners. They explain the theory on the slides, and when you already understand the concept, they move on to practice. Awesome approach for newbies. Highly recommended. Here's a link to the course: https://www.udemy.com/result-oriented-web-developer-course/?couponCode=LEARNVIRAL-0101
  10. There are so many different ways to earn money from the website. Examples: Adsense, Adwords, SEO, Product based websites, Affiliate marketing and so on. But to earn well, you should go for Google Adsense. You'll get money for placing advertisements on your blog/website while the advertiser gets the audience for which he pays Google and then after cutting the certain percentage of commission it pays you for each click done on your page. With doing Google Adsense, People earn thousands of rupees in a month.
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  12. Content should be great of the website for which you are generating backlinks. Sometimes a great and fresh content is sufficient to rank a keyword of low competitions. I have already ranked my website without creating single backlinks but my keyword is long tail and trending keyword. Periodontists The woodlands
  13. You can check keywordtool.io OR keyword.io. Both websites are very good in finding long tail keywords for any website. Dental Implants The Woodlands
  14. Yes, you can upload also you can share multiple ides on that which is what do you want to add on it?
  15. Hello @Kilobyte, Thanks for the sharing Magento Extensions for eCommerce It would be helpful for me.
  16. Getting Adsense approved isn't the easy thing. If your Adsense got rejected, make sure to follow all the given guidelines for Adsense account. Google allows Adsense to only a few and genuine users who are dedicated to earning money online by updating content, doing high-quality work. Please follow these:- These guidelines includes: Apply with the top level domain. You should be the owner with root access. Content quality must be high. Check your age. Check the site's compliance with AdSense policies. Length of site ownership. Check the site's primary language.
  17. Thanks for the great information to me. It will help me keep sharing it.
  18. Congratulations for your work. Is the Asymmetrical layouts latest trend in Graphic designing?
  19. If I got your point right , then following are some Megento extension for eCommerce store helpful for you : MageMob App Builder SEO Hub TaxJar Sales Tax Automator Tawk.to Live Chat Apptrian Social Integrator MageMob Admin
  20. I agree with you that forum is only for great discussion on specified topics. But if some is replying on a topic and there is a signature available on that profile , that is helpful to understand the knowledge and experience of the person who is replying for the query.
  21. There are so many Online SEO tools which are very useful while performing SEO activities. Below are a few of the best tools 1. Small SEO tools 2. Ahref 3. Semrush 4. Spyfu 5. Yoast SEO 6. SEO Quake
  22. Which type of Magento Hosting extension ?
  23. Mansi30

    Basic PHP Guide

    Hi @Thrill You have shared valuable information to us. Thanks for sharing it.
  24. Gmail is one of the best emails of professional purpose.
  25. It's a good suggestion according to the mail. Its very helpful to us.
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