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  1. I believe Chrome stopped giving updates to Windows XP a few years back because it can't keep up with the minimum system requirements the newer updates require. So I guess this is because the website you are viewing uses code that only the newer updates of Chrome supports. That or it is just a hardware problem. It could be that your internal graphics is too outdated to view the graphics of that website. Invest in a newer PC Corzhens if the budget allows. Even the cheapest available PC right now can support those websites. A desktop XP PC just isn't usable in 2019.
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  2. NerdIndeed

    Win 7 VS Win XP

    I agree with the idea that Windows XP was the best Windows version ever. Having the ability to run it on less RAM is pretty amazing. The only thing I hate about it is BSOD (blue screen of death) It happens for no reason whatsoever, sometimes in the middle of a project and it drives me crazy before.
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