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  1. What Do You Like Most In Windows 10?

    So true, when I had Windows 8 I used this program to get it back. Bet the guy made a boatload of money during those days.
  2. New Gaming Phone

    Very cool! Thought it was a Razer product at first
  3. What are you asking? Just using these for SEO reasons?
  4. Manually, most any automated way I've seen will eventually cause you issue with Google.
  5. RED Hydrogen One

    Ah very cool! I'd have to hear real client feedback before moving away from my iPhone.
  6. Deploying your project

    I always develop on a server, but restrict access with a maintenance mode or directory password. I don't know why I just prefer it to working locally.
  7. Win 7 VS Win XP

    People still run XP?
  8. Sure don't and won't in the future unless something changes with Google Chrome that turns me away. It's slow, buggy and doesn't follow standards.
  9. PPC will initially show quicker results as the path to your site shows up right away. SEO is better for long term in my opinion as once you reach page 1 of results you're there vs bidding for the spot. Both cost money, but I prefer SEO, I normally skip ads anytime I searching by default anyways.
  10. What do you do during your idle time?

    I work on side projects doing some sort of coding or development, learning new techniques.
  11. What is your favorite beer?

    Heh, Bud Light here, always been my choice. I like others from time to time, but it's my standby.
  12. What Do You Like Most In Windows 10?

    I find it faster than Windows 7 in general, no real reason I like it, just works well.
  13. Yeah I agree and don't think the debate will ever be over I always try to get a .com.
  14. Worlds 1st Rollable TV screen

    Damn now that's cool!
  15. Graphic Design Resources//Advice

    I think you're born with the eye for design not taught.