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  1. I used to play the original years ago and so much fun. Can't wait for the sequel. EViL GENiUS 2: World Domination EViL GENiUS 2 Forums
  2. We use several different platforms with our clients, but my favorites: Prodjax Asana Monday Azure Devops
  3. In the media library? Depending on what you're trying to do it's possible, but might be blocked for security purposes.
  4. Well it's a must for sure, but most frameworks/libraries do this out of the box now. I wouldn't build anything that is not responsive or includes some type of mobile/tablet views.
  5. Trial and error Building something with these and the experience you'll learn along the way is the best in my opinion, Google.
  6. What is your application, they both have pros/cons depending on your app needs.
  7. Really depends, what framework are you using?
  8. There are a ton out there, so really hard to say.
  9. Best Magento extension that does what?
  10. With the release of IP.Board 4.x I see a new Community Enhancement for Giphy integration. Nothing huge but kinda cool like other apps to just let you embed an animated gif on the fly to your posts.
  11. When WordPress released the Gutenberg Update 😁
  12. Best way to learn right here from trial and error in my opinion 👍
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