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  1. Nathan

    input box for start date of countdown

    Sure, here that is: https://examples.prodjex.com/jquery/js-countdown.php
  2. Nathan

    Where should i start ?

    Locking per duplicate post - see here:
  3. Nathan

    Wazzup y'all!

    Yes, you'll find them annouced here: https://forums.prodjex.com/forum/21-announcements-news/ Here was April's Still working out May's contest, but will announce it this week with some structure changes.
  4. Nathan

    MSSQL query of SQl

    Sure for Microsoft SQL Server, assuming since that's how you tagged the topic, it should look something like this: select a.column1 + b.column2 from table1 a inner join table2 b on a.id = b.id
  5. Nathan

    April Posting Contest

    Yes you did, congrats! For next month I'll have to think of how to work this with multiple prize places for others as well. Open to suggestions.
  6. Nathan

    Don't be fooled by this pretty face

    I saw a blink in the video. I'm not convinced it's a robot at all, still skeptical
  7. Nathan

    What was Your Favorite Windows OS Version?

    Yeah agreed. I've noticed I've skipped every other one though, seem like good release, then crappy then good again. Windows 95 ->Windows 98/2000 Windows XP -> Windows Vista Windows 7 -> Windows 8 With this pattern whatever comes after 10 could be bad
  8. Nathan

    Almost no Blogs Need WordPress

    Yes, I totally agree with you here as most probably are on a free or shared hosting environment and are not devops
  9. Leave any feature requests here and we will review for future releases of Request a Quote for WooCommerce. Currently we have the following in the roadmap: Ability to add products from the cart to the request a quote page in a single click Download Here
  10. Nathan

    Almost no Blogs Need WordPress

    Link me to Hugo, I'd like to take a look at how they markup their pages and Schema Data.
  11. Nathan


    Yes you can tell by inspecting the source very quickly.
  12. I love Google, but agree their AdSenese and AdWords support is very lacking.
  13. Nathan

    Wazzup y'all!

    Welcome to the boards!