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  1. With the release of IP.Board 4.x I see a new Community Enhancement for Giphy integration. Nothing huge but kinda cool like other apps to just let you embed an animated gif on the fly to your posts.
  2. When WordPress released the Gutenberg Update 😁
  3. Best way to learn right here from trial and error in my opinion 👍
  4. Nope, dump it. If you've been around WordPress for years like most of us the Classic Editor is the preferred solution. I don't know if it's still "better" but what we're used to. Not to mention so many themes use page builders like WP Bakery that Gutenberg just doesn't play well with.
  5. Ah I miss Fireworks though!
  6. Welcome to the boards!
  7. Yes I run mine on 7.1. 7.2 seems to still cause issues on WP 4.x not sure about how it's performing on 5.x.
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    Welcome to the boards!
  9. Nathan

    I'm new :)

    Welcome to the boards!
  10. Nathan

    Newcomer here

    Welcome to the boards!
  11. Welcome to the boards! Not sure if this is an intro thread though?
  12. Nathan

    Greetings :)

    Welcome to the boards!
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    Have you ever done this first hand?
  14. There wasn't any activity from back then, so no one did. I'd be open to running a new one now though.
  15. Nathan


    Welcome to the board!
  16. Nathan


    Welcome to the boards!
  17. Good to hear, start up some convos!
  18. It takes time and you have got to be consistent. I spent time on the directory submissions, but not much has come from those. The blog posting, commenting and such will yield results as long as the content is good and not fluff, but you have to do this and stick to it for days, weeks, months and you will eventually see results, don't give up.
  19. Do-Follow are weighted way better than no-follow for sure.
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