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  1. Well I mostly just use a drag and drop WYSIWYG editor, but there are times when I have to manually enter some commands. I actually don't know much but I can certainly work some with HTML. I know nothing about CSS unfortunately. I am the type who is unintimidated by such things and while not a genius, I am persistent.
  2. That is an interesting trend. thanks for posting. Yes I like it simpler myself. I mean unless you are a Hollywood hotshot or something, you are not going to be able to compete with the big boys anyway, so why not do it simpler and communicate your message effectively?
  3. You-tube has the variety. That is where I have put most of my Mars and disclosure videos. I have not done that much with Vimeo but thanks for reminding me. I go by artifactsofmars on You-tube so look up my channel while you are there. I conduct detailed studies of the Mars Exploration Rover photos. Mars has life, artifacts and structures. I will not back down on that statement for anyone. You-tube's new upload procedures kind of bug me a little but as long as they work, I am happy with them.
  4. How does this work? I have a now-defunct web store and what would I do to transfer the domain name from that to a new website if I wanted to? I have never transferred one, but started off fresh each time. Are there companies that do this? I think i have seen ads for this before.
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