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  1. Ewan


    I have basic knowledge in game development in a software called "scratch". I know how sprits work, randomizers, loops, variables etc... But I'll look into game dev more
  2. Ewan


    After playing some online games like Haxball that were developed by Flash it got me really wanting to start programming in it to develop web applications and games using it. I haven't has much programming experience, I've done a bit in C++ and Visual Studio. How hard is it to learn? Thanks.
  3. I dont use it promote my site but I am part of other affiliate networks to earn money.
  4. Haha, never heard anything like that before. Kind of silly if you ask me.
  5. I suppose people who partly depend on LinkedIn to run their business will get the use out of it, but most don't.
  6. I like vB the best but MyBB is also great because it's free!
  7. I don't use LinkedIn enough yet to upgrade but I may in the future.
  8. Same as me. They do have some really nice templates that I might buy in the future though. I might even consider selling themes on there if I get good enough at web design.
  9. Yeh, GoDaddy do some great deals with coupon codes a lot but they don't have the best reputation by supporting SOPA etc...
  10. You can follow peoople in your niche and they may follow back. Maybe even pay for shoutouts from popular tweeters.
  11. GoDaddy's hosting is pretty bad from what I've been hearing. I don't like thee control panel either, a lot different from other hosts.
  12. Youtube as you can market to a larger audience.
  13. They are not the king of hosting, that's hostgator. They are however the king of domain names.
  14. I use GoDaddy for purchasing my domains.
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