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  1. Ok, so what are buy, sell ads? My site is at 450,000 But we barely have ANY traffic.
  2. Also, this whole discussion about an iPad being the primary unit in the home. Fair enough for the majoirty of people. But I can never see the PC disappearing, there is still going to be a huge market for business, design, development of Appstore Apps! You will never be designing Apps on an Ipad, not unless there are MASSIVE changes in the way it's operated.
  3. I would get it for the Retina display alone. Using an iPhone 3G/S After an iPhone 4 makes you really appreciate the resolution. If its going to be as good on the iPad, it should look outstanding.
  4. I like the way you only have 11 I only just noticed it was your article by the avatar in the comments at the bottom. I have done most of these, and currently waiting on a much needed update to the main application (Simple, but important) As far as participation in the forum goes, it's none existent. I have set up numerous topics to try and coax in somebody with no luck, I'm currently chatting away to myself. I really need to work on the core subject of the site and get people who are active in that field to start posting. Oh and one more thing I didn't really take into conside
  5. 527,211 I think quite a few of your visitors must have the tool bar installed. Not a bad idea to start a thread to ask if people would install the toolbar if they want to help improve the site.
  6. Just like to point out, it's 100,000 not 1,000,000. For the detailed report that is. 707,433. Coming down at a rapid rate of knots..
  7. I think I may be throttled. I'm using a network at work for internet access...
  8. I think at this rate you should be looking at peaking around 100,000 hopefully. Well at least slowing down. The higher you get, the harder it is to gain even a few more places. Good luck though!
  9. For logo's and other graphic design i have found 99designs.com absolutely brilliant quality wise. I have used 3 seperate developers for a custom map based database. The first one just took far too long, the second took half of my money, started the system then disappeared off the face of the earth (www.accade.com) The third was Stuart Silvester from over at IPS who made the Member Map application. I decided that the database may as well be woven into the board software as he knew it inside out. He charged quite a bit more than the others but his work is pretty top notch. Took him a lon
  10. now you are at 1,068,556 will not be long before you go under 100,000 I don't think. I'm at 493,000.
  11. I spent £600 on a mobo, GPU, CPU, memory. Plays most things on Ultra. Anymore and you are paying for cutting edge stuff, which will come down in value literally months later. Radeon HD 6950 (unlocked to 6970) Phenon II 965 OC to 4 Ghz 8 GB RAM (Can't actually remember what speed it's running at) Asus IV Formula Mobo Can spend less than this too, with a more basic mobo. EDIT: Oh and this was a year ago! Time flies. So today you could buy a better CPU and RAM probably.
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