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  1. Hmm, hope this isn't another scam site. Thanks for the share
  2. You're just doing it wrong You have to click the get wallpaper link, for example (Swan wallpaper for NG) then click the download wallpaper (HHHH x WWWW).
  3. http://wall.alphacoders.com/ - I like the landscape wallpapers they got
  4. I know VB, C, C++ and C#. I'm still trying to learn Java.
  5. Your CPU is awesome and should handle any 6 series GPU well, you could Get an HD 6770 For about a hundred bucks now. Though you could opt for any of the 7 series if you have the money. EDIT: Get a 7770 if you can afford the extra $30, It's much faster than its predecessor:)
  6. Changing OS's only changes performance in gaming by 1 -2 FPS. This is due to RAM/ Drivers/Randomness. The Difference is so small, It is negligible. GTA IV is THE MOST CPU heavy title around, even 4 cores and 8 threads can just do it up efficiently. Also, Games are not videos, Games use the CPU constantly as the game sends a lot of commands to the GPU(which makes for HIGH CPU usage). Try to play a Game First and Record your CPU usage Graph.
  7. You Really Cant use that CPU if your planning to buy a good mid - HIgh end GPU, because your CPU will Bottleneck performance(CPU cant send fast enough to the GPU) Maybe get a Cheap Phenom II and a a 6770 ip you're on a tight budget but want to play at High settings.
  8. Damn, i wish we had those speed in the Philippines, mines on 2 down .3 up LOL
  9. i'm Still only a 3rd year College Student in computer engineering and I'm looking at Database Ddevelopment and Management as my favored track of study. I will learn more next year but i want to ask something. Does learning on-the-go Really work, Or do i have to dedicate a lot of time teaching myself? By the way, Thank you for all the good stories you guys gave. Made me more hopeful to become successful.
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