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  1. Any stats for the site? I may be interested as well.
  2. Also, after emailing Google multiple times you can still apply for the standard partnership with custom thumbnails, banners, etc. http://www.youtube.com/partners/contact_info?page=start&partner_type=C
  3. What kind of content was in your video? I've had no problem with Google Adsense although I don't use them for YouTube, just for monetizing my website.
  4. So will this end up like .pirate where the DNS settings have to configured differently?
  5. Do you know when the custom skin support will be available? The current skin doesn't fit in too well with my current theme.
  6. For anybody that's interested these are some great, competitive prices compared with Postloop. Postloop currently averages about 0.08/post and there can be some extremely 'spammy' posts made by members there.
  7. I would hope that this just stays within groups and that you would have the option to disable this.
  8. Will we be able to buy or get this modification to run on our personal forums?
  9. I don't use any Development add-ons on Chrome other than the Alexa Page rank viewer, just a quick handy tool to use from time to time.
  10. As xtinguish mentioned above, the one--- looks more professional as the digit '1' sticks out too much. It's also easier to type out compared with having to reach up to the number pad.
  11. So hosting isn't included? And how many years are left on the domain registration?
  12. I hate pop-under ads and the current 30 second video ads on every Yahoo video, it really annoys me.
  13. This is the current Canadian Paypal screen, is it any different from the US? http://puu.sh/Goq4
  14. Welcome to the DeveloperBase forums! If you need any help, make sure to let somebody know. They'll be happy to help you out, if you haven't already review our rules:
  15. I saw something similar with register.com the other day. After going halfway through the registration for a domain name, I realised that namecheap would be a better option. I began to see register.com ads with the domain name I wanted to register. It said something along the lines of 'you can still register ----.com for $10.99!'
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