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  1. I always try my best to do everything I can on my own. I don't know why I don't like to outsource things, I've had some bad experiences in my past, and have been slowed down or forced to step back from trying to complete a project. If I end up trying to outsource anything I try for it to be the least possible amount of stuff, and usually is in the area of article writing. For this I tend to be extremely careful with the person I choose, I have a bit of OCD, so that doesn't help my cause either.
  2. I have to say these earnings are amazing! I'm currently just starting to set up a website and hope that I can get at least half of these earning per month, lol. In all honesty great job, and I hope this keeps on going successful to you and brings you more earnings . Let us know about that e-book, definitely sounds like something I might by looking into.
  3. This service seems to be really interesting, and if legit extremely good for a few extra bucks. Thanks for the share Dexter. I will try to dig a little bit more into it as well and see if I can find any proof of payment or any reviews saying if it's legit or a scam. I usually try to find all these out before going really deep into these sites. So far I haven't been able to find anything, but I will keep on trying. Looking forward to your decision on the site as well .
  4. I agree with you on this one. Though honestly I think they already archive all the data they can grab no matter what it is and no matter who the person is and was/is doing. I read sometime ago that Facebook can track and gather your web history and data no matter what you do (don't know if it's true and if it's still like that, was quite a few months ago). Even if they gather data and all, I still believe that having the option to turn this feature off in groups is something needed, at least to create the illusion of a sense of privacy. Definitely let's just hope it doesn't move out from t
  5. A friend of mine just sent me this video of the new Cintiq 24 HD Touch from Wacom. This looks amazing and definitely if you're into designing this is going to catch your interest. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LHkHAHWEPk&feature=player_embedded I think it's great and innovative, giving digital graphic design a more personal touch, which in my opinion can become something extremely important and great. Just felt some of you here could enjoy it as well. Hopefully I was right, hehe.
  6. So I think this is what Schrodinger was actually trying to do with his cat, but failed to get the expected results because he sealed the box. In all honesty this should be called mechanical cat box, lol. I don't know why but I found it funny, and gave me a great fear of ever having one in my hands, this could very well be the new reason for procrastination in this world...as if we didn't have any others, lol.
  7. Wow! This is amazing. The realism and depth you get from this is simply fantastic. I honestly think it's a great idea, and definitely love the idea of it being used this way for marketing. Things like this is what capture people's attention instantly, and will definitely make people remember your ad, or simply whatever you show them with it. I also think this could be used to improve productivity in an office where the employees might feel closed in, usually that feeling will lower productivity. With this you can give them a "window" to quit the monotony, and get them to feel a bit at
  8. I agree with this. I actually kind of need the paragraph breaks, if I read something long without them, after a while I actually start to get dizzy and mix up letters/words as I read, also getting lines mixed, lol; also it really helps to start a migraine. :/ Aside from me getting all messed up with the whole walls of texts, the paragraphs break just make everything look cleaner and better; and this is not only for posts or articles...programming just gets easier with this in my opinion, way better and easier when trying to review them. On forum posts, I agree with what you have said
  9. From what I read on the article, it's only on groups, even though it's not as bad as being on every post, it can still be a problem. It's annoying enough to be in a group because someone randomly added you, now you might have to receive some spam from said person because you are not looking at their posts. If this ends up being "Beneficial" for FB, I see something close to this being put on every post, in a near future. I think they are just testing the waters and applying it slowly, testing and checking reactions to then expand a bit more.
  10. To be honest with you, I'm definitely not surprised by this. I dare say I was waiting on it to happen. Once they added the "Seen" time stamp for the messages, it was just a matter of time before they did something similar for other posts. I really don't like the idea, I always knew I had no privacy on FB, but now it's just silly; sometimes you avoid a post for a number of reasons, now FB is giving the person who posted it, the power to spam you asking you to check the post because you haven't :/. Hopefully a lot of people complain and they take this thing out for good.
  11. I have a thing for astronomy pictures, as well as for nature pictures, for wallpapers. I usually check on reddit: [Don't fear to click, the links are completely SFW, it's just the name used for the subreddit] http://www.reddit.com/r/earthporn (Nature) & http://www.reddit.com/r/SpacePorn (astronomy); they tend to post amazing pictures and in great quality as well. I have to say, though, that I checked the site and they have some amazing wallpapers there, so I think I'm adding this site to my list as well. Thanks for the share!
  12. In my opinion if you can work out a really nice place to attract traffic from a "micro" niche then you would have a better chance of success. Like you say, popular niches have a lot of people therefor there will be a ton of places where that people can scatter around, leaving just a bunch of small groups available to grab for traffic; in the end they might even be an equal or similar amounts of traffic. To be honest the real answer, I think would be, depends on how much time you plan to wait before you say "This is my peak"...with a popular niche and a lot of time in your hands and dedicat
  13. I use Chrome, it's become my favorite, Opera comes really close up, was my choice before Chrome came out, still use Opera on Smartphone. There was a time when Chrome had a massive crash on my computer and no matter what I tried I could never re-install, don't know what happened. After about a month of just not poking at it, and finding out that the browser had been updated, I decided to try and re-install, everything worked perfectly. During this downtime of not being able to run Chrome, I went back to Opera. I've honestly never had any problems with Opera, neither on the computer or
  14. Like it's been stated here multiple times, for me, it depends on how different the ideas are. In my case for example if I was considering creating different websites: one for music, one for movies, one for shows (for example); then I would definitely try and just gather them together and build just one big site and give them each an area in that site, but making it so the site is for entertainment and not just one topic inside entertainment. This way I can dedicate more time into polishing this idea and website and be able to get more people into one same place, increasing it's traffic. W
  15. CodeSchool is great, I like the fact that they offer some courses for free, so you can try them out and see if you like their style, and if you like then you can do the investment. They've also added a lot more courses, I remember becoming a member a few months ago and they only had about 7 courses available, it almost doubled from what I see now. In my opinion if you are not sure you want to pay the $25, take advantage of the free courses, you'll see it's worth the investment for the other courses. CodeAcademy is also a good alternative, I used it before CodeSchool, they've also gro
  16. I build my own, only once I've bought a pre-made one and ended up changing a lot of pieces and wasting a lot more money than if I would of just build it from the start. It is true that some pieces might end up being a bit on the high end of the price range, but most of the times you won't need to replace it as fast. At least, from experience, I can say that on the long run I end up saving more money building it from scratch.
  17. I think the laptop is the way to go if you are in college. Depending on what you are studying you might need to install some programs in order to be able to complete work and such, and some classes even if you don't download/install any programs may need you to go to a website to take a quiz or something that won't run well in a tablet. As for typing with practice you can actually learn to type equally fast on table and/or laptop, the only thing that would delay you a bit is if the numbers are on the alternate of the keyboard so that would slow you down, but I've seen tablets with the num
  18. I have an iMac 27 inches it's lovely and just looks amazing, lol. Almost 2 years with it, and has given me no problems at all, just love it I got the iMac to work with, but I do enjoy doing a few other things like gaming on it and such. I don't use the iMac mainly for gaming, but honestly it runs games great and smooth. I think that the reason you might have heard that they're not good for games is because of the limited quantity of games that are out there for the Mac. I gotta say though that I have both a PC (desktop) and the iMac, almost same specs, the Mac has a bit more things
  19. I think I am now, but used to not be, took me quite a bit of time to get used to this. When younger I would get the games on the day they would come out, same with the consoles, without thinking they might go down on price, on consoles it wasn't a maybe, it just "had" to happen. Also I was a beta tester for a couple of video game developing companies, so at times I would get some games before they came out, which lead me to simply feel the need to buy the games on the day they came out (I was a silly young boy). Now a days, I simply wait, only a few titles I actually pre-order or go buy t
  20. I use both, but had to vote for YouTube, have been using it for way longer and also got an account and some videos uploaded there so seemed to be the choice to vote for. I've used Vimeo only recently and I like the quality of the videos and it seems to load nicely but old habits die hard so I guess I'm sticking to YouTube a bit more. Some time ago I used to use Veoh it happened to be quite good, but after sometime they would make you install the player in order to be able to watch whole videos, or else you would only see a short preview of it (I'm not sure if they do this anymore), it got
  21. This seems to be fun, and to help with stress , it reminds me to the Katamari for web "hack" (http://kathack.com/) , instead of blowing everything up just grab everything around! Works great when bored and when the need to procrastinate sets in. The blow up one is good, you know for those times when you get irritated in a blog/website for something posted, you can just cool it down by watching everything go boom and all around the place, better than just hogging it all up .
  22. The image is funny and true to some extent, I think I've had to use the "pick 2" to a client or two at some point. And to be honest I have to say that most people go with the Cheap + Great, lol, at least in my case it's been like that multiple times. About the good being an opinion, I have to agree, I have seen a number of things that a lot of people say are not even near good, but the person who asked for it to be made is amazed by how it looks and end up paying a bunch for it. For example, a store near me once had a logo design created for them; their new owner (they had to switch the o
  23. Nice! Thanks for the share, definitely something useful to see how well things will look. This is one of my main problems, as I sometimes find odd colors to look nice together, then the client, who said to use any color I wanted, says that it doesn't look as well to them, even if other people found it nice, so I go back to recoloring until they are happy; this has made me demand at times to always get color ideas that the client wants in order to not go through this and be able to avoid any unpleasant encounters. But with this find, I might be able to go back to the random mixing of colors
  24. No OS is secure, just as no browser is secure. They were all created by humans and will, in fact, have bugs/errors. Some get patched up faster than others yes this is true, it is also true that some are carefully checked before release to make sure that these bugs/errors are the least but there will always be a small chance of vulnerability. Nothing is ever 100% secure no matter how much you try. As said before on this thread, it is usually believed that the reason that it was a common belief that Mac OS and Linux were virus free is because it was not used as much, this might be true to s
  25. I can handle regular ads on the sidebars, banners, etc. but honestly those with sound (like the ones offering the emoticons with the annoying "hello") irritate me and I have to mute or just leave the site. The ones that really just make me close the browser and blacklist the page are those Scrolling Ads, as you go down they go with you and sometimes they just get on top of things when you are trying to read the website or look for something, this type of ad has made me stop going to multiple websites. They expect you to have the window maximized in order for the ads to not disturb and almo
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