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  1. Does it offer the same usability as firefox? Also, does it suffer from say, bad memory management like chrome?
  2. Windows 7 bring in the functionality and the sleek performance of windows XP and the eye-candy, glamor and a bright UI like vista into one. More over Windows 7 is mostly preconfigured with the most usual settings that you may have to do in a Windows XP machine. Win 7 is by far the best OS for beginner's who want to try out the Windows systems.
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    Google is not so friendly or forgiving to them, it does not even take .tk domain into the PR scope if one SEO's for it. My friend has tried it out and that didn't give him much of a good result in the search engine.
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    It's actually not good to use a .tk domanin though, most of them, I've heard can cause a dent in the site's SEO.
  5. The answer to your question is this: Source:Wikipedia.
  6. Well that seems a like a site similar to one I've used before, I'll try it any way though.
  7. The only un-paid way is to use video-marketing your site. Try it out on Youtube, show to people what you have and what will make your site different from others. It takes a lot of hardwork but in the end you reap the rewards.
  8. Firefox is always the best and will remain the best, simply because of the fact that it very flexible to me ina developer point of view, I can customize it an average user point view. There is so much that you can achieve out from it, making chrome way out off bounds.
  9. It's one of the fanciest customization tools that I've ever used. My favourite theme is the Enigma and OmniBar( Mimics the metro style UI). You guys should try out this theme as well.
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