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    From what I've read, it's government-funded. So, if .tk is bad for your SEO, then are there any good alternatives you know of? :3
  2. I'm happy to trade. The forum I run is focused on composition for video games, so our forums are not directly related but they are similar enough. Does 25 posts sound fair? Arrange with me via PM, I'm happy to negotiate.
  3. icymx


    Try GameMaker. The name makes it sound like it's a program for 8-year-olds, but trust me, it's not. I've been developing games with it for several years, and there's just about nothing that C++ or other languages can do while it can't. To top it all off, it handles all the really low-level programming for you so you only focus on the stuff that matters Hope I helped you
  4. Spot on. Listen to this guy
  5. I learnt the hard way - reading the source code of webpages. Good times...
  6. icymx


    I haven't seen a topic about this so far, so I decided to start one. --- .tk is a TLD (Top Level Domain) service which is free to use. It works just like .com, except it's free. So basically, you can create a site and give it a .tk domain for free, instead of a crappy subdomain (because seriously, .webs.com and .weebly.com are, like, the most unprofessional things ever). I'm not saying it will replace .com, but it's a great alternative to having a subdomain of the host you're using if you're too much of a tight**** to pay $10 for a .com. An added bonus is that if you change hos
  7. icymx


    I'm icymx, in case you didn't realise that from my username, and I'm new here, in case you didn't realise that from my post count and join date. I speak HTML, CSS, and a little JavaScript. Oh, and English. I enjoy writing websites, writing CSS for websites, writing JavaScript for websites, browsing websites, browsing websites about writing websites, and staying up until 3am doing the all the above. As well as that, I like composing music with FL Studio, playing piano, and using a nifty little program called GameMaker to make computer games. No, that is not a tool for 8-year-olds. So ye
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