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  1. I use Wordpress which has several free plugins to use. They have one which I have used on client sites called Jigoshop which was free and was very user friendly!
  2. Yes, I have tried to send money and did not have an error at all. I bought a marketing program on Amazon the other day off of another site. Had no issues at all.
  3. I have only used GoDaddy before and never used any of the other sites. I honestly do not even know what other sites are available to use because I have not looked. I just got hooked with the GoDaddy commercials and never really looked anywhere else.
  4. I am not sure about the problem with the issues. However, I use Chrome and Firefox both and just checked the site and it was working perfectly fine. I am not sure what exactly your problem would be because I have not had any issues with it.
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