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  1. I voted for youtube. Since many people use youtube, it has a diverse atmosphere of videos and I can find a video about almost anything I search. Vimeo might have as many features as it, but it hasn't beat its popularity yet. I would consider switching to vimeo once they get more popular. Also, the interface of vimeo seems confusing, but I might be biased in this case due to my heavy usage of youtube.
  2. Ditzy


    I wouldn't recommend making games in flash anyway. The support behind it is slowly dying out and it will soon be obsolete. Try using HTML5 and canvas to make games instead if you want to make web games. It might be harder to start especially if you don't have any knowledge about programming and HTML, but it's well worth it!
  3. There are also another kind of ads that I am annoyed by heavily. The ones that lie. With attractive games that seem that it's just a tiny flash app on a website, but when you click them, you are instantly redirected to some website that promises you an iPhone if you type in your mobile phone number. Which is pretty bad if you, since in their terms and conditions (in very small letters at the bottom), it says that they will charge you a certain amount usually per month. Also, I find all the ones listed here very annoying too in my browsing sessions.
  4. I find minimalistic designs very useful, as they don't fill my mind with useless data and give me everything I need to still know what I'm buying. The same applies to minimalistic designs in websites, I find it much faster to browse a website if there's only some text, a few descriptive images and a small color pallete. since I don't confuse myself with other useless things. But as other people have said, I guess it could be another trend too. Still, I welcome it in the supermarkets. Other people said that small brands won't get recognized, but that's not true. In the case of m&m's
  5. I've started to know many good websites I can use for anything and thus, I've been needing to search less and less for new websites in order to waste less time. However, there are times when I still find myself quite dependent on them, mostly when I need to research about a topic. Sometimes wikipedia isn't enough to start off. In the end, you could say I'm still quite dependent on them and couldn't do as well as I do without them.
  6. CodeSchool looks very good and great for improving my programming skills, but unfortunately it's too expensive for me, I would gladly join if it was offered for a cheaper price. Codecademy seems excellent and I will join it right now and use it tomorrow's morning and see what it offers. I wonder how much I will improve. I've hit a stall in my learning process. Hopefully I will start learning more and more again. Thanks Nathan and CHiLL!
  7. I started at w3schools to learn the very basics (I know they often don't have correct information now though) and then started googling things that I didn't know. Such as making nice div based layouts. It went quite easily as I knew many programming languages and XML at the time. I learned the very basics of both in about 5 days. Then I got better at them every single year, with practice!
  8. Ditzy


    Hello there! I'm 16 and a hobbyist programmer and I attempt to learn more and more programming everyday. I enjoy making anything with it, ranging from a hack-ish program to help me at school so I can do things faster and in the current month, I'm working on a farming game. However, I am bad at design because I don't have a very creative mind and I'm trying to improve. You can check my other posts for info on programming languages I know and I hope this answered most questions. And that's it!
  9. I currently have an ASUS laptop (for portability) with the current specs: CPU: Intel i5 460M RAM: 4Gb GPU #1: Intel HD Graphics GPU #2: Nvidia 310M Resolution: 1366x768 HDD: 460Gb 5400 RPM I have no idea what's the name of my mouse since it's a cheap brand and I've erased everything from usage. The keyboard, mics and speakers are built-in. I'm pretty happy with my current laptop. Fits my portability necessities and I can still code and game in it. I haven't had a single hardware problem in the 2 years of life I've had with it, which is pretty good contrasting to my previous experience
  10. I wish to have been born in the space faring age.

  11. I've been programming for very long and I know some languages very well, namely C++, Python and PHP. But I've tried many others and try to get better at some of them, with languages like Ruby, Java, Javascript, C, Assembly, Visual Basic, Game Maker Language, Lua, Torquescript, Actionscript 2 and 3, C#, . If you include markup languages, I know HTML, XML and CSS quite well. I think that's all, but I might be missing one or two.
  12. I'm not sure how to help you, since you didn't specify if you coded this by yourself or used some script or CMS. However, in the last case, you should consult your script's/CMS' documentation and get help there or post in their forums if you find nothing. In the first case, I can help you, if you post the code used in the registration and the contact us page.
  13. My first programming language was, unfortunately, GML (Game Maker Language). I started learning it when I was just 9. I wish I hadn't started there and could go back in time and start on something better such as Python or C++. Would have saved many headaches at the time and a bit later on. Moreover, my first "real" programming language was C++, started learning it when I was 11.
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