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  1. Actually I have found searching for Blogs with Google is the best way. I know this sounds bad, but I usually just Google the information and end up posting comments on the blogs that it pulls up for me. Without this, I would use the other search engines, but using Google lets me know which sites Google feels are good ones.
  2. I tend to do most of my own writing for the SEO articles. However, I also have written for other people and charge about 15 dollars for 500 words. At least that is what I have charged clients in the past, but I would need the keywords and other information that people want to have targeted and what they want for anchor text.
  3. With the complexity that is present with backlink building, I have tended to use a mixture of ways. However, the main thing that I have found to rely on is to take my time and make sure I am building social networking to guarantee my site is going to get the social markers that it seems the search engines are always looking for.
  4. When I am working on the ecommerce shops that I own, I tend to use a hosted site. Then I do not have to worry about getting the extra work done or even worry about how the scripts will work for me when I am doing any type of updates.
  5. Has anyone recently had some problems with their Hostgator sites going down? I know that for me I had some of my sites go down for about 2 hours. They said it was a server glitch with their servers in Utah, but I am not sure. Is this happening more regular for people or not?
  6. I seen someone post about the ads in the information earlier. However, I have found that the ads are making an impact lately as my sites which do not use Google adwords and are well established are falling in the rankings. However, the other competition which does use the Google ads on the site is soaring well above mine even though they are only about a week old.
  7. I have to agree on the backlink variation, but I have never heard of it on the dofollow and no follow tags before. I have always heard of it as the way you are writing your links to guarantee you are getting the proper information and keyword listing.
  8. I use Wordpress as well. This is a great thing to have and a great way for me to get the products listed and found quickly. I know that for me this is a good thing and really helps my clients out!
  9. What is the best eCommerce plugin that you have used? I have used Jigoshop in the past, but never really done much with it. What kind of plugin have you used in the past?
  10. Thank you for the great information here! I do not really use a footer that much, but when you do need to use it, it is impossible to find the information that you need to have!
  11. I have not heard of this before! It would make for an interesting shift though. Would you have easier access with Apple products then or continue to fight the strong battle!
  12. I have heard an in between domain name will work best. I know that the long tail keyword domains used to rank really well. However, they are not doing very well now because of the updates from Google.
  13. My brother-in-law is a white hat hacker and cracker. He ended up hacking at guy who hacked my sites and his servers. He ended up putting his computer in a redirect loop for several weeks. Wrote the code for it and everything to get the guys computer really nice and set up for him.
  14. I have used quite a bit of the themes in the past. However, I like to use the standard Wordpress 2012 theme. Then I can easily get the proper editing done for the header and that. Hopefully that helps out, but I like to be cheap!
  15. I know that one of my sites gets quite a bit of traffic from the search engines. However, another one of my sites gets mainly traffic from all the different sources like articles and social media then anywhere else. The one site which gets traffic from the search engines was not even optimized for the search engines, that is the funny thing!
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