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  1. Sounds pretty cool I might have to try this out. I'd like to know how it goes dexter. You even get paid if the person just hovers over the button? That sounds awesome. The site looks pretty legit. Reply back here if it works out pretty well!
  2. I've been using Firefox and it's my favorite browser. I haven't had the chance to really use Google Chrome but a lot of people say it's better than Firefox so maybe I should check it out. I just like how Firefox has a ton of add ons that work really great. I'm not really to aware of what the advantages of Google Chrome are but I know it's supposed to load pages faster.
  3. I think Vimeo is great but it just isn't as popular as YouTube. YouTube has way more features and like I said, it's just more popular meaning you'll get more views. I've used Vimeo a view times and I actually love it but I just don't really get much views on it at all. I also like how YouTube has adsense kind of built into it so that always helps. I'm not sure if Vimeo has some way of making money off of your videos.
  4. I've never understood why someone would write a huge wall of text like that. I've never read anything that had more than a few sentences on a forum. Actually I have read some wall of texts but that was usually when I was arguing back and forth with someone on the internet. I figured out you'll read a lot of wall of texts if you argue with people on the internet so I don't do that anymore.
  5. Hello everyone my name is Geonarlie but you can just call me Geo. I'm not to fluent in any programming language but I plan on getting their. The language I know best right now is Java and the language I want to know best is C++. I've recently been playing around with PHP and I'm having fun with it. I hope to learn a lot around this forum and meet some interesting people!
  6. I'm not really an expert in any programming language but I know a little bit of everything. The language I know best is java and that's because I used to make private servers for a game called RuneScape. I would like to master C++ but it seems impossible. I want to make games and C++ is a very good language to do so. Hopefully I'll get back to C++ soon but lately I've been messing around with PHP.
  7. I love minimalistic designs. They get straight to the point. I'm not sure if it actually works for the company as far as noticing it goes. I would say that a minimalistic design actually sticks out more than a cluttered one. I think minimalistic designs look real clean as well whereas a cluttered design is can be hard on the eyes or you can easily look things over.
  8. Ads don't bother me to much. I used to hate them when I was younger and played a game called RuneScape. I had such a bad computer that the ads would lag the game as I played. Then I found out about ad block and when I used it the game actually went faster. I was surprised that the ads could slow a browser game down so much. I don't use ad block anymore because ads help website owners aquire a little cash. I was just a kid back then and didn't exactly know what ads were for.
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