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    I once made games in Flash and posted them to Newgrounds. Coding in flash is tedious and repetitive, and it's not 'fun' at all. Actionscript (the code for programming games in flash) is very conservative, as well as very few commands. So no, I would not recommend coding in flash. Instead, I would recommend HTML5 instead, as that is dominating the internet currently for coding.
  2. Yeah, sometimes the prices can go way above your expectations. Building PC's can also be challenging and time-consuming, and many folks just can't build one due to this. However, building a PC allows you to replace parts easily when a new model is shown, and it improves your skills in computer engineering.
  3. As the title suggests, do you build your own PC? I'm asking for your imputs as most average computer users order their PC through companies like Dell, HP, etc. However, most people use these computers for social networking or for work. Many people (including me) build their own PC to suit their needs. They find their own GPU's, CPU's, Motherboards, among other things, and build the PC themselves. Usually they build it for gaming, video editing, or programming. As this forum revolves around 'intense' computer users, I'm hoping to find more homemade PC's.
  4. I prefer Internet Explorer. It's fast, reliable, and easy to use... just kidding In all seriousness, however, I prefer Google Chrome. Google Chrome interface is simple and easy to use. Firefox's, however, is not. With different buttons located all around the screen, I just could not handle it all. With Google Chrome, all of the buttons and programs are located at the top-right of the screen. It's effortless. Google Chrome provides much faster page loading. It took a second with Chrome to load the main Google page, however with Firefox it took two seconds. Not a big difference, but
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