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  1. Now here is one CEO who knows how to motivate his employees. I wish other CEOs were as generous, most of them just know how to pocket the money. The fact that he shared his own money with lowest rung workers speaks volumes about his leadership and entrepreneurial skills.
  2. Hey guys, Have you started creating wiki backlinks for your sites? They have become a lot popular in the last few months and people are reporting good results by creating wiki backlinks to their sites. What is your opinion on these links? Bryce
  3. I have never contacted their support but you can get answer to your question a lot faster by posting it in Google Groups. Here is the link to Blogger group http://productforums.google.com/forum/#!forum/blogger You can also check Google search results related to your query, chances are there are already answers available.
  4. I don't think fresh content is absolutely necessary. Having said that, search engines prefer sites that update their content on a regular basis. I would suggest that you look at trends within your niche and write on a popular topic from time to time.
  5. Yes you can do a 301 redirect, it will pass all the link juice to your forum page. Here is a detailed explanation of 301 and 302 which should help you http://www.seoservic...irection/13145/ You can do the 301 redirect through htaccess file and even through PHP
  6. Yes you can do a 301 redirect, it will pass all the link juice to your forum page. Here is a detailed explanation of 301 and 302 which should help you http://www.seoservicesgroup.com/blog/2009/03/301-and-302-redirection/13145/ You can do the 301 redirect through htaccess file and even through PHP
  7. Are you referring to bitcoin? I have seen lots of websites using bitcoins to conduct transactions. As far as I am aware, bitcoins can be converted into real currency.
  8. I think the spammers are using a service like Decaptcher or DeathbyCaptcha. These services provide automatic captcha solving and can be integrated with lots of automated link building and spamming tools. Try putting a random question or an animated captcha and see how it goes.
  9. Love the new features provided in Outlook.com I still have my old Hotmail account that I created almost a decade ago but I don't use it very often. Time to check it and see if I can make it my primary account.
  10. These rumors surfaced last year as well but they turned out to be false. In my opinion, the culture of the two companies are completely different so even if Apple manages to buy Twitter, it's going to be disastrous for Twitter users. Apple likes to keep a tight leash over its tech while Twitter is much more open so they can never really become compatible.
  11. bryce12


    The new layout looks great. Wish they implemented it 3-4 years back when they came with awful version 4. Digg never really recovered from that and now it is struggling to survive. Hope the new layout and added functionality will lure people back but it is too early to predict how things will shape out.
  12. Is it safe to use in the post Panda and post Penguin world? Google is cracking hard on paid and unnatural links so I don't want to get caught on the wrong side by using link exchanging services. If someone has already used the service, please post your results here.
  13. Personally I would go for the bigger niche. The simple reason is that bigger niches can make you big money if you do things right. As far as micro niches are concerned, we have already seen that Google Penguin has devalued them a bit so I won't be surprised if Google stops ranking them high in the future.
  14. Now I know why my pics get distorted Thanks for posting this amazing and very useful information. Time to trim my images!
  15. I sincerely hopes this doesn't spill over to personal profiles. Facebook has a knack of annoying its users on a regular basis, just few days back they changed the default email address of everyone. Sadly there is no decent alternative to FB available so people are going to use it regardless of their stupid decisions.
  16. Sandboxing can be defined as a penalty by Google whereby a site ranking well earlier disappears from the search results. This could be due to a lot of factors, I suggest you read the terms of Google webmaster tools before you start your SEO and backlinking campaigns. Google usually sandboxes new sites, however if an established site starts using spammy techniques for backlinking then Google may penalize it. The sandbox effect penalty lasts for months and there is little you can do when your site is sandboxed.
  17. I use Excel and Prosper202 when I am running PPC campaigns. Prosper202 is an amazing tool that lets you track everything related to your campaigns, try it, it's free.
  18. I think you should look at the freelancing sites to get an idea of what people are charging for creating web pages. Personally I don't do small sites anymore, so I can't really suggest a price point for a simple page. I usually create sites with more than 10 pages and my price starts from $100, hope that helps.
  19. Yes that's correct. Creating a niche site for a keyword that has good search volume and less competition is a great way to rank high and make some good money. A lot of people are already making bank with micro niche site and adsense and there is no reason why you can't do the same.
  20. I mostly outsource content creation and backlinking. I agree that it is difficult to find reliable people who can do the job to our satisfaction. I am sorry to hear that you got scammed but there are few things that you can do. You can file for Paypal chargeback and also leave a negative review so that the guy doesn't scam other people. You should also try to form a team of good service providers so you consistently get high quality work done for your projects. This would take some time but it will prove beneficial in the long run.
  21. As far as I am aware, Google Pagerank was last updated in May 2012. It gets updated every 3-4 months so you should see another update in the next few days. For new sites, it may take some time before Google assigns a rank to them.
  22. That may also depend on the niche. If you are targeting a medium sized niche then 50 articles would be enough to make a site look like an authority site. For a big niche, even 100 articles may not be enough to do the trick. Of course I am not considering article length here and I am not even sure how that affects the picture. I would suggest that you research your niche to find out how many articles the top sites in your niche have.
  23. That's a really great initiative. I looked at IT courses as well but it looks like they haven't made available all their courses yet. I am looking forward to getting some certificates from these reputed universities to enhance my resume
  24. Actually standing desks are available in the market but they are not that popular yet. Here are some of the bestselling ones from Amazon http://www.amazon.co...ing desk&page=1
  25. Long tail keywords can bring some good traffic to your sites. There was a time when I used to target 20-30 long tail keywords in my niche and writer articles for them for some quick affiliate sales. With the Google algorithm changes over the last few years, I have changed my strategy and now focus more on creating authority sites though I still look for low competition long tail keywords for bringing some easy traffic to my sites.
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