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  1. Wasn't there that German who developed the Blaster was it? That had hundreds of thousands of computers shutting down over night. Quite a big feat from a teenager. But he was offered a job, last I heard he didn't last very long in that job though. Edit: It wasn't the blaster. I'll try to find the name of the worm.
  2. Because I hadn't had any employment history or experience with web development, I was at an uncomfortable position where I was offered to do some programming work for my current company I work for (before I had a contract with them). It took ages for me and the boss to come up with a good price for me. It ended up being £15 ph for little programming projects. Which for me seemed a lot. I see a lot of people now though stick their nose up at that price.
  3. I have built my own pc's for several years now. I find it best suits my needs to compile my own specs on the hardware of the pc. If you buy one from a shop it tends to be missing one or several of the specs you want the pc for, which then defeats the object of me getting it. I haven't built a new one for around 2 years now. I may just upgrade my current one when I get the chance and some spare cash. But even as it is a few years old, it still suits most of my needs without any issues. It's currently a 4Gb ram, i3, I can't remember the exact specs. I'll try to dig up the old list I have of
  4. Hey Hey, I have a few domains that I had purchased with the plan on creating content for them in the future. I haven't been able to do this as of yet. And was considering what you think would be a good idea to do with these domains while they're sitting there waiting for me? Any way to use them just to generate some traffic or a little income?
  5. I haven't upgraded yet. It's a work mac so I'm still juggling whether it's worth me upgrading or bugging the boss to upgrade for me. I'm sure if i push long and hard enough he'll give in. I haven't heard anything bad about the upgrade however. I have work friends who all have macs and have all upgraded without fail, from what I've gathered they haven't even experienced any problems with software installed previously.
  6. I think fresh content plays quite a large role in keeping the traffic constant or increasing in numbers. I have sat here for the past 5 minutes trying to think of a site that wouldn't require any new content. None come to mind. All websites are usually updated with new content or new features. It's the constant increase in size that keeps people coming, and keeps the Search engine bots coming too.
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