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  1. My friend has been playing this online game where you start a town and build an army. Its very realistic and fun. It basically reminds me of laying sim city when I was a kid. You can take over other towns and countries and build an empire but the best part is you actually get PAID real money to do it. It requires no money to put in either. Just thought I would share. Here is the link if you are interested. http://qitz.townian.com/register.php?ref=ukfan4
  2. ukfan41

    Halo 4 annouced

    Anyone seen any gameplay or online play videos of this game? Does anyone know what the weapons or style of play will be like. I have also heard that this Halo is being made by Microsoft is that true?
  3. ukfan41

    Halo 4 annouced

    I am kind of glad Halo is going back to it's roots and limiting its realease to Xbox only. I do believe they will eventually move it to the PC after a while.
  4. You just made my day sir, thank you!
  5. I don't think facebook has a monopoly over social media. It is hard to truly monopolize a social media site because new ones are always coming out. Twitter is probably more of a monopoly than facebook would be considered.
  6. I loved these games on my old pc when I was a kid. The new one just doesn't have the nostalgia I hoped it would. I was very dissapointed by this new game remake.
  7. I loved Counterstrike on the PC and xbox. That was my favorite game ever and it sold a lot of games I do not know why they haven't made a sequel.
  8. ukfan41

    Halo 4 annouced

    Wait so they are making 3 more games??? I love Halo and I am really excited that they will be making more. I might have to actually go to a midnight release to get this game.
  9. ukfan41

    Mass Effect 3

    It kind of seems like a sci fi version of fable. I havbe only played a little of he demo though. I need to get the other ons before I play this one I feel like.
  10. I have always loved Assassins creed and I believe this new one will be the best yet! I am about to go pre own it soon.
  11. ukfan41


    Glad to have you!
  12. Posting in forums is very productive. Its free and you can send quality messages, but it is hard not to spam.
  13. Facebook and Twitter are the only two now, with google + slowly rising. There are others trying to come up though. I would just focus on those two.
  14. I recently discovered a new social media site being built up. It is offering shares in the company to people who are some of the first to join. You can only join if you are referred, and everyone you refer will also get you a future share in the company. Pretty cool idea check it out if you want! http://www.zurker.com/i-6143-yspfsgnkcu
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