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  1. My friend has been playing this online game where you start a town and build an army. Its very realistic and fun. It basically reminds me of laying sim city when I was a kid.


    You can take over other towns and countries and build an empire but the best part is you actually get PAID real money to do it. It requires no money to put in either. Just thought I would share. Here is the link if you are interested.





  2. Anyone seen any gameplay or online play videos of this game? Does anyone know what the weapons or style of play will be like. I have also heard that this Halo is being made by Microsoft is that true?

  3. Wait so they are making 3 more games??? I love Halo and I am really excited that they will be making more. I might have to actually go to a midnight release to get this game.

  4. It kind of seems like a sci fi version of fable. I havbe only played a little of he demo though. I need to get the other ons before I play this one I feel like.

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