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  1. You are definitely right about major corporations being innovative - the problem I find when a company is purchased by a much larger one is support.... Support processes and procedures usually become lengthy and it's just difficult to get through to them. right now if you are advertising in twitter, you are spending a decent amount of money and they love talking to ya!
  2. I'm really interested in this ...... Would love to see a simple step by step guide on how to implement and any problems you faced while implementing. cool stuff! thanks again.
  3. machtm


    Yeah, they have definitely come a long way. Does anyone know of any free competitors of Osticket that are available? A google search brings up a few, but OSticket is the only web based support ticketing system I've ever implemented.
  4. Like it! When are you planning on implementing it on the site?
  5. Yeah, I haven't read anything about this online yet... Not coming up on any of the major news sites and social media (related news) sites I check on the daily... Glad it hasn't happened though!
  6. that's awesome and great info! I think I'm going to set up iDevAffiliate myself for a hosting company we are launching soon... Any other tips or feedback you can give would be great! Are there any hidden costs?
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    Thanks for your response, lot of awesome info there .... Especially mentioning the core code of Drupal. I've heard that american military and other government agencies use drupal for their websites because it is a lot more secure than wordpress but haven't found much documentation or articles to back that up (yet). thanks again!
  8. Looks cool! Check out Scott Stratton on youtube and his rant on the UNimportance of logos in today's world ---- it doesn't hugely apply to this website but it's something to keep in considering when working on your marketing plan!
  9. machtm


    I recently got involved in a project of fixing up some websites that were built using drupal... I've been using wordpress for a couple of years and prefer it so far... Just wondering if any of you have experience with drupal and know of what the main reason a company would choose to use it? thanks!
  10. machtm


    I set up OSTicket for a services company (b2b) and it worked great for them! Its actually a really amazing ticketing system , I used to work in IT and it was better than the support logging system many companies were using (5+ years ago). It took a little bit to modify the look and feel of OSticket but in the end it was exactly what my client needed.
  11. This feedback was awesome! thanks a ton!! I did a bunch of more research early this morning and it looks like the priority of cheap web hosting services are to try and "up sell you" to the next hosting package.... I'm going to check out hawkhosting as well. I'll post back with my decision and let you all know how it went. Thanks a ton!
  12. Let's hope this doesn't happen. I'm definitely not an "apple hater" or anything but I love the premise and story behind twitter's start... Definitely recommend you all youtube "Biz Stone" and check out the story of how it initially started!
  13. I'm definitely eager to hear if your initial investment of purchasing the app has paid off! are you doing any advertising on PPC?
  14. There are so many $1\month hosting services out there... Does anyone have any experience with them? I'm looking to purchase a couple of different plans to host some websites we're putting up shortly. thanks in advance!
  15. My formula for gaining twitter followers has been building my brand + monitoring trending hashtags and using them + replying to interesting tweets by other users. I think it's definitely a skill that I haven't completely mastered yet, but definitely getting there. Quality twitter followers can be really beneficial to your company or brand... You just have to search through all of the garbage and fake profiles.
  16. I've been thinking about installing it as well, definitely keep us in the loop on your journey! I write ebooks and they are published on Amazon and other main retailers but I was thinking of starting to sell them directly from my website and set up an affiliate program to allow others to sell for me and earn commissions.
  17. The saying is "Content is King" and it's definitely the truth. I'm not sure if fresh content really affects google SERPs and your ranking. I know that statistics and traffic can definitely affect your search engine ranking. The more content the better, you want to make sure your site is coming up when as many key words relating to your subject are searched for by someone as much as possible.
  18. I use excel (it's messy haha) but I use bitly.com to track every single URL I promote.
  19. I dunno... I recently saw Biz Stone speak (an original twitter co-founder) and it sounded like the purpose of twitter and it's original purpose is something completely against the idea of a giant corporation. But money always speaks lol... very interesting read thanks for posting!
  20. To be honest I've found that over the years most of my clients have asked for blogs or CMS implementations and I haven't charged or invoiced anyone to "code a page" for them in a very very long time. In terms of web development I've charged between 250 - $5,000 for complete website implementations.
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