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    machtm got a reaction from KMRock in Is Apple buying Twitter?   
    You are definitely right about major corporations being innovative - the problem I find when a company is purchased by a much larger one is support.... Support processes and procedures usually become lengthy and it's just difficult to get through to them. right now if you are advertising in twitter, you are spending a decent amount of money and they love talking to ya!
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    machtm reacted to Nathan in New Logo   
    It's up there now.
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    machtm reacted to simplysidy in osTicket   
    I once installed OSTicket and configured it for a client. Works good no doubt. But yes, three and a half years back, it wasnt as well documented as it seems to be today. I had a harrowing time setting up the emails and perventing them from landing up in spam. Later found a way out, and changed all emails to gmail ones and removed all instances of any .domainname emails.
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    machtm reacted to Thomas in $1 hosting   
    I think this spoiler gives you the best insight into things too good to be true:
    The way these companies make there money is by selling it at a very low cost  providing very cheap support and generally low costs all around. Think of it like a like a budget hotel. They don't do anything special but provide the very basic of accommodation.
    If you did go with a very cheap host then you might find:
    Very limited tech support. (Cheap Host = Cheap Staff = Less experienced to deal with your problems) Very limited resources. (The less they can give you for that $1 they will. Limit the number of email accounts, sub domaines, SQL Databases...) Very limited uptime. (I'm not saying it's going to go down every day for 4 hours but they aren't going to be providing you with the security that websites require to keep the uptime) If you really want to get behind a project (or if you think web hosting is going to be a thing for a long time) look into getting a Multiple Website Hosting Account. These hosting packages allow you to host many different websites all with the same account. 
    Most websites actually allow you to host multiple websites and buying a hosting package for a longer time (IE: longer then a month) then you end up saving a lot of money. 
    x10Premium (for example) has 3 plans:
    $142.20 for 3 years (Working out at $3.95 a month) $118.80 for 2 years (Working out at $4.95 a month) $71.40 for 1 year (Working out as $5.95 a month) $6.95 for a month If your into websites for a living or pleasure then spending that extra $30 for a year of hosting then surely it's going to be worth it? Even better if a website outgrows your hosting package then you can move it on without having to do the messy 'I signed up for a 12 month contract but don't need it because my site is too big' because your other websites just gain the space.
    Try this topic if your a bit unsure on about the technical side.
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    machtm reacted to ridwan sameer in $1 hosting   
    That pretty much sums it up
    Except I dont get what your trying to convey with the alst part? Are you saying its better to go yearly? or not?
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