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  1. I never really been into templates because I like to create things from scratch but I'm really interested in finding out what Theme Forest has to offer. I'm open minded so I'm down for trying new things so this could be something I could get into and could potentially make my designing process much easier.
  2. To each its own. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. That's the reason why we have options. I actually like people that are versatile and can use more than one software so I commend you for being able to do so. I'm still learning but I think once I get to the point where I feel like I've mastered Photoshop I'll move around and try other programs to expand my knowledge.
  3. Literally the top website/search engine on the internet (Google) owns the top video browsing/upload site (YouTube). The facts speak for themselves, case closed.
  4. You should. When I first got started I wasn't very good at all. As a matter of fact, I sucked, haha. The drive to make my goals and visions that I saw in my head drove me to achieve them. I think everyone has a specific style and thats the hardest part finding out what yours is. I think if you find your lane you'll start getting into it. There are many styles of design, you just have to find the one that fits you.
  5. ...but don't most image editing software allow you to use layers and selection tools? I see what your saying though. If Photoshop was the first to do it then they should have more time to perfect the technology used to make it possible to do such things within the software.
  6. Forums can be a good way to generate revenue because if you have one that brings in a lot of traffic people will pay top dollar for advertising space. The trick is finding the right "niche" and sticking with it.
  7. As long as I can still use Twitter on my android devices and windows computer, I couldn't care less. Until that day comes when Apple buys Twitter and makes it exclusive to their products I won't start going crazy like when I first read the title of this post. I don't have any "beef" with apple, they are just a little too exclusive for my taste.
  8. For me, the layout of the interface is simple for me to grasp compared to others. Gimp and Xara are a little "cluttered" in my opinion but it seems like with each Photoshop release, the UI get less cluttered and they have quick setups for photo editing, web design, etc. I also like that there are plenty of tutorials on the internet compared to the other software, so if I have a question I almost never have to reword it in YouTube. I can just type in exactly what I want to learn and there's usually multiple tutorials with the current version of Photoshop I'm using. No, There isn't a rea
  9. If thats the case then the people with the wildest imaginations would have the best work. I'll keep dreaming with you. That would be awesome if a nice sharpening feature was released because my mom is always giving me old pictures of her parents to restore and I swear those are the hardest for me to do.
  10. Yes I was referring to graphic design and wow, thats a long time ago, haha. Do you have any work online that I can see?
  11. Yea, I was thinking of checking out GoDaddy myself considering I see their "provocative" commercials on tv all of the time. I never thought their marketing plan would really inspire people to want to buy websites but I guess its working because I'm interested.
  12. KellyKellz


    Welcome to the forum Noles, hows it going? I've only been active here for a few days but its been an amazing experience so far and I'm excited to see what topics come up over the forums over the time that I'm here.
  13. Maybe I just can't think of anything at the moment or Photoshop has so many features but what would you like to see in the next release from Adobe. It seems like each CS release expands the software making it easier to create giving the user the space to run wild with innovation. What would you like to see in Photoshop CS7?
  14. I'm interested in finding out how a lot of you guys got inspiration to start graphic designing. I know for me, when I made my first blog I didn't want any mediocre graphics because that tends to turn people away and it makes you look less professional or "serious" about what your promoting. I watched countless videos on YouTube and they have actually paid off getting me a few good graphic design gigs.
  15. Gimp and Xara are the only ones I know of. I've had a lot of success with Gimp because its pretty similar to Photoshop. I never really go into Xara because right when I got it I was exposed to Photoshop and it was history ever since, haha.
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