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  1. I've only ever used Ubuntu. I started with version 9 and I've played around with the more recent versions. I to, don't like the direction Ubuntu is going. It looks like they're aiming for an operating system somewhere between OS X and Windows. I appreciate the alternatives posted here and will be checking them out.
  2. I'm sure there's an additional DVD drive accessory you can purchase from Microsoft and hang on your belt via the Microsoft supplied holster. THEN you can "insert disk" and fix your phone. jk'ing..
  3. Great list. I use quite a few of these and I would add that free doesn't mean cheap. There's some extremely good software that is free. I use a combination of DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink when I rip DVD's. I use the free version of MediaMonkey to organize my music. And I use a both AVG and Malwarebytes to protect my computer.
  4. Can I have it? Just kidding. Congratulations. And keep it for yourself, it's an awesome system that shouldn't go out of date for at least 3 months. lol. 16GB of RAM. Holy cow.
  5. Nexus 7. I've often considered getting the full ipad, it's just a very attractive device but in the 7" market I believe the Nexus 7 is unbeatable for features and value. I've been hearing reports that the ipad mini doesn't have a great screen, with both the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire having superior screen resolution. They'll probably correct that with the ipad mini 2 but meanwhile, it's the Nexus 7 all the way.
  6. I've Simplicity by olegnax is meant to be a great and simple eCommerce theme with a lot of flexibility. Lots of portfolios. Sidebars and tons of features.
  7. I use PSDtuts+ but I'm aware there are a huge amount of tutorial sites out there. What are the best ones and are they categorized for Web design. Retouching etc. I hate searching too much.
  8. Personally, I use Helvetica and Comic sans on all of my designed websites. Just kidding. Actually, I mostly use Times New Roman, it's what you'll find used in most popular websites. After that, as an alternative, I use Arial narrow.
  9. I'm doing the exact same thing though I'm looking for free webhosts that will offer the resources I need to host a few Wordpress sites. For the moment, I've settled on 000Webhost as they offer both php and MySQL in their free webhosting plan. I haven't been signed with them to see how much support they offer but I intend to google that.
  10. I think the big selling point for photoshop is its selection tools and layers. A lot of software packages now use layers but I think photoshop was one of the first. They allow you to stack images on top of each other and to easily mask and blend parts of an image. I could never go back to anything else now.
  11. I had trouble transferring my images from the camera to various social websites or galleries online. That's when I got interested in reducing file-sizes and then cropping images to make them look good before uploading them. Now, I've been sucked in to photo editing and posting on sites like flickr.
  12. I'm not sure. It doesn't seem long since Photoshop CS6 came out. A lot of the additions have felt a little gimmicky to me. I don't use the content aware move or fill very often. Since there's so many point and shoot digital cameras now, I think a really good de-blur or sharpen algorithm would be great to turn any old blurry shot into a sharp masterpiece.
  13. I know a lot of tutorial sites have "premium" areas where you have to pay for the best tutorials but I'm fairly sure that all the content on Webmonkey is free. Tuts+ is one site where there's a premium content area but I'm not sure how much they charge. They do offer many tutorials on css and photoshop and various software packages.
  14. Try looking at some themes that you really like and then have a go at reverse engineering them. It can be a challenge but it really improves your coding and gives you a few extra tools in your html/css.
  15. If you read a lot of forums, you'll find that it's often the game developers that cause the confusion. They split the load unevenly between the CPU and the GPU (graphics processor) so it's not really an easy question to answer. You may play one game, with your brand new graphics card and it'll fly, but the next game, have to turn down settings to get it moving smoothly. So, I really would have to recommend upgrading your processor as well as your graphics card, in order to play the majority of new and upcoming games.
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