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  1. Yeah I do agree that it would look better in that position!
  2. It shows up next to the "like post" part on the right of the post.
  3. KAFFEIN - All That She Wants (DJ Nejtrino & DJ Stranger Remix)
  4. Yes fair point, though I do believe it wouldn't be financially a good business deal for apple to buy twitter.
  5. That site wouldn't load for me for some reason.
  6. Very true, I suppose with the progression to tablets and smart phones flash is becoming irrelevant.
  7. When creating a new forum, what are your views on the genre of the forum? > Do you want to choose a unique genre, something new and different, something that people may have no interest in or will not take off? or > Do you want to create a forum in a genre that has been well used and has many forums in it, thus showing great interest but lacking uniqueness?
  8. This is an interesting area and something where many people fall down and don't use when it comes to their forum SEO/promotion work.
  9. You need to be careful to not fall into the trap of thinking people will join up to the forum just based on some initial activity. More factors than activity will be needed, and more exposure than 1 link, usually.
  10. I don't think pay determines the ease of quitting/firing a staff member personally.
  11. Yeah nice points. I personally believe it is outdated as well, though you can still see some awesome flash websites.
  12. What are your views on the use of Flash on websites? For or against?
  13. Photoshop's price is painful, but worth it ONLY IF you plan on doing a lot of graphics work.
  14. Volunteers will usually have more interest in the site, though paid staff often have an interest in the site, and won't accept the role if they have no interest in it.
  15. Haha true. I like the points about evergreen content for business sites. And the pointless updating of past pages seems true. I'm still a fan of fresh content though.
  16. I might have to check out the site then. Sounds promising. Though maybe I just stick to paid hosts.
  17. Wow nice stuff I'm impressed. The day I do that is the day I'll be happy with my site haha.
  18. Yeah this is exciting stuff for this forum!
  19. Sounds awesome! Could Add: Social Network follows/likes Traffic Forum posts maybe?
  20. KMRock

    $3 Must Sell

    Yeah true fair call with that!
  21. This is actually an interesting theory. There is a high chance this could be a great way to boost ranking.
  22. Yeah not into anime, but works well with graphics. And thanks guys, when I install photoshop again I'll have another crack.
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