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    KMRock got a reaction from beans902 in Is Apple buying Twitter?   
    For some reason I can't see this as being a good thing, I prefer twitter as a stand alone.
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    KMRock got a reaction from jodiann12 in Making money from forums?   
    Very true, if you get popular enough, paid membership works well. And yes, I have seen forums that charge between $1-$5 for joining as well, would make heaps!
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    KMRock reacted to themdno in YouTube Opens Partner Program to Everyone   
    I think this is great, and I'm having a lot of fun producing all kinds of new content to be monetized. I've already gotten some good results, but there is so much room for improvement. I love making videos, so to get paid for it, is a huge bonus. I could make videos for free, and still be having a great time.
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    KMRock reacted to bigbigfan in Is Apple buying Twitter?   
    I sincerely hope Apple buys Twitter, it would be a great match. I don't think the ownership of Twitter will accept any offer that is even remotely reasonable, they will hold on until a price that is 10x too big is offered and that will be the deal breaker, imo. Current management at Twitter is extremely greedy according to many, even if they don't make very much from Twitter.
    The value in Twitter is it's heavy use by celebrities, only Facebook and Twitter get tons of free advertising on every website and only Twitter can be bought so yes, Apple, get it done!
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    KMRock reacted to johnthomas1433 in Making money from forums?   
    Its not just the traffic, but rather the quality of the traffic, and your niche. I used to make more than $500 a month from a blog with less than 100 unique visits every day. It mostly depends on your niche. The better your niche and keywords, higher the pay rate per ad.
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    KMRock reacted to bigbigfan in How important is fresh content?   
    Matt Cutts discussed fresh content as a ranking factor on a youtube video. It's worth listening to.

    Freshness is NOT an important factor for all sites.
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    KMRock reacted to bigbigfan in Link building   
    I have a sneaky suspicion that browser bookmarks are a solid ranking tool once again, especially if bookmarked in Chrome. When someone cares enough about your site to bookmark it they essentially are telling Google they like it and as with all data available Google will be gathering this information. It wouldn't make sense to ignore it, especially since most SEO's don't spend any time actively collecting bookmarks.
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    KMRock reacted to bigbigfan in Monetization Journey   
    Great post, Nathan, it makes me want to launch yet another site
    I look at websites in a different light today than I did when starting out over a decade ago. Back then I thought if I built it people would come, and they did but not nearly as much as I'd hoped and certainly not enough for the time I put in. Today I look at websites as if they were tools, tools to help me get my message out wether it be for money or not.
    If you own a site that sells a product it's so much easier to get traffic to that site if you can leverage your other websites and so those other sites become tools. If you have a forum for example you can leverage that to let visitors know about your other site. If you own a link directory you can prominently feature your other site in the directory. Toplist, other related sites, newsletters, social profiles... all of these are potential tools to help promote your website.
    If you can't improve your website any further then improve the tools you use to promote it and keep moving forward.
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    KMRock reacted to Victor Leigh in Best free web hosts...? Are there?   
    If you are in this game for the long term, you should not be looking at free hosts at all. You should get your own vps, set up your own control panel and create little sites for testing purposes. We are not talking about hundreds of dollars per month. Just 20usd per month is good enough to get a reasonably-sized vps. Myself, I pay about 20usd per month for a cloud server and I get 2Gb ram and 80Gb space with 8Tb bandwidth. Fair price?
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    KMRock got a reaction from DarkGizmo in How often and how much do you post on your own forum?   
    The admin/owner must be active on smaller forums especially, but I think admin activity is crucial to keeping the forum activity going. The more the admin posts the more activity there will be.
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    KMRock reacted to bigbigfan in Backlink Variation   
    Right. The bottom line in protecting your site is to never allow a link to be made by someone else that doesn't carry nofollow. Google has stated time and time again that they don't want to see user generated links because these tend to be spammy and reflect badly upon both sites.
    I set my forums up to automatically apply nofollow to any extrenal link and then I can later review links and whitelist those I feel are quality sites.  It's worked so far. I also try to find alternate ways of promoting member interests, sometimes without them even knowing I've done it.
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    KMRock reacted to Nathan in Backlink Variation   
    Do Follow carries more weight than nofollow period.
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    KMRock got a reaction from Nathan in List of Webmaster/Advertising Forums   
    List of Webmaster/Advertising Forums
    For anyone looking for places to promote their forum/website, check out this great list of Webmaster/Advertising Forums. These types of forums can help you improve your backlinks, exposure, traffic and also help you boost your webmaster knowledge.
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    KMRock reacted to LiquiLayer - Brent in Best free web hosts...? Are there?   
    I wouldn't say they're all crappy, ad riddled, but I honestly wouldn't expect much out of them. Just remember, they're not obligated to provide you anything at all... working one day then gone the next. 
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    KMRock reacted to Nathan in Quick ways to get backlinks   
    Premium Member Perks.
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    KMRock reacted to Jessi in How much content before a web site is not considered thin?   
    What do ads have to do with it? 
    With or without ads, a site can be filled with content...or no content at all. Most people aren't talking about ad placement when they're asking about whether a site is thin or not. 
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    KMRock reacted to Nathan in Quick ways to get backlinks   
    I provide these lists in the Premium Members section.
    -No-Follow & Follow
    -Moderated & Auto-Approve
    -Includes PR
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    KMRock reacted to machtm in Is Apple buying Twitter?   
    You are definitely right about major corporations being innovative - the problem I find when a company is purchased by a much larger one is support.... Support processes and procedures usually become lengthy and it's just difficult to get through to them. right now if you are advertising in twitter, you are spending a decent amount of money and they love talking to ya!
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    KMRock reacted to ridwan sameer in Quick ways to get backlinks   
    Your get many sites like that which allows dofollow backlinks, thats what backlinks are generally.
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    KMRock reacted to bigbigfan in How much content before a web site is not considered thin?   
    I find that something starts to happen within Google when you reach the 300 article mark, I've noticed this a few times now. If your pages are well interlinked it may be a result of your pages getting a good number of internal links to be deemed important? Only Google really knows, 500 words and 300 pages seems to be a minimum for me before Google finally sends more than the typical 100 visitors a day cap.
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    KMRock reacted to Nathan in Posting Contest!   
    I see others posting, but haven't gotten in on the contest by posting here....who doesn't want free stuff?
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    KMRock reacted to Victor Leigh in [eBook] Premium Promotion Secrets - It's time for you to win!   
    Looks like there's only one real way to find out. Buy the book, I suppose. Looking at the offer price of 5usd, I think it may be a worth a try. After all I know I have spent more than that amount just to get to know a girl whom I know nothing about. There's a very good chance that this book will be more interesting than many girls I have met.
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    KMRock reacted to Nathan in [eBook] Premium Promotion Secrets - It's time for you to win!   
    So you have found these tips from personal experiences then? 
    Have you had success first hand?  Any examples?
    I may buy one, but had those questions first.
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    KMRock got a reaction from Nathan in [eBook] Premium Promotion Secrets - It's time for you to win!   
    Premium Promotion Secrets eBook – Time to stop losing and start winning!

    Are you ready for the promotional guide the professional webmasters and SEO experts don’t want you to see? Do you want to learn tips and tricks that that can be used with devastating effect to boost your site to the top of the scrap heap? Sick of toiling for hours and hours promoting and still no one comes to visit your site, signs up, or purchases your products? Want to actually have a site to be proud of and make some money? Do you want your site to be average, inactive or unsuccessful forever? If you even considered answering yes to any of these, you’d be kidding yourself not to investigate the Premium Promotion Secrets eBook.
    You’re probably telling yourself, “Not another crappy guide telling me stuff I already know?”. We I am here to tell you there will be things on this guide you don’t know, haven’t thought of, forgotten and didn’t understand! The Premium Promotion Secrets eBook is a comprehensive tool enabling you with the knowledge and power to invigorate the health of your website.
    Most eBooks you buy contain maybe, 10, 20 or up to 50 pages of often crappy knowledge. Premium Promotion Secrets eBook is a 90 page guide with more tips and tricks that you know how to use.
    What is covered in this eBook:
    > Knowledge at a level that beginners can understand and experts can still benefit from.
    > Comprehensive information on how best to set your site up for success when promoting.
    > Key promotional methods investigated in depth, with explanations on how and why you should use them to boost your website’s promotion and exposure.
    > Exclusive access to certain beneficial resources.
    > Tricks, tips and other pieces of knowledge to prime your website for success.
    > A set of tools you can use for life, and replicate on any other websites and online businesses in the future.
    > Help you set up a platform allowing traffic, members, sales and huge success for your site.
    Let me get my hands on this you say! And surely a product of this many pages and of this quality will cost a fortune. Surely that if SEO companies and Webmasters charge you $100s and $100s of dollars this you will have to pay even more for the secrets and tricks they use, along with much more.
    I am here to tell you that Premium Promotion Secrets 90 page eBook only costs you $5 (limited time, RRP$9.95).
    Don’t wait any longer, don’t miss out on any more potential business and activity, ACT NOW!!!
    Inquiries and purchases can be directed to: inquiries@promotionsecrets.net or visit Promotion Secrets.
    Keywords: Promotion Secrets, Website Promotion, Advertising Secrets, How to promote.
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    KMRock got a reaction from Nathan in Some uses for cheap domains   
    You can use them for long keyword domains. Or creating sites which you are going to sell quickly and need a .com domain for it.
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