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  1. I will be honest and say that I downloaded my Photoshop the illegal way. This is because I don't use the software daily or for occupational purposes. If I did, then of course I would buy it.
  2. Photoshop CS3 used to be my haven. Now, I use CS5 and I am still learning to use it. I love PS because you can really do anything.
  3. I see what you mean, but still, if you want traffic, you can not only think about what YOU want. Sure, you put time, maybe money, and effort into making the site, but you are also asking your members to make an effort to be active on your site. If they are not comfortable with viewing the site that you made, and you are unwilling to change it because of what YOU did, then you cannot expect your members to grow in numbers. Like usually said, 'the customer is always right', and that applies for getting traffic also. I know sites that I have stopped visiting because the layout was too tiresome to
  4. There are different affiliate programs you can check out depending on what niche your blog site has. Just go to google and search for what affiliate program that relates to your blogsite's interests the most. AdSense and Amazon are two that I know of that many people use, but like I said, it depends on your niche.
  5. I got introduced to Photoshop and artwork through the Fanart community, so for now, that is what I like to do. I would like to be able to make logos etc, but I do not really have any inspiration for doing them, so for now I stick with what I know. It is still a good way to learn to master the software.
  6. I will try that, thank you. =) I am currently working on a project and I will try to use all the suggestions from here, like the resolution and saving with right fileextension. I will tell you all how it went =) And thankyou for suggesting tinypic, I will try that one and see if it makes a difference.
  7. Welcome to DD, Stutin. I have read some of the topics you have started, and you bring up good subjects and I believe you will be a good contribution to this forum. =)
  8. Development is good, but sometimes it is good to stop and think about the consequences it can bring, Too much technology, letting people get too comfortable by taking over the man's work, is maybe utopia for some, but it can also lead to a catastrophic future.
  9. Thank you for the sites, I will look through them myself now. That is one thing I love about the internet - it lets you work from home!
  10. Thank you for all your answers. May I just ask which resulution that is the best to use? I will also try the gif solution.
  11. It is sad to see how money rules the truth. Like JimBobIV said, it would be better to get the truth out now before innocent people are affected later - but the truth stays hidden under a large stack of cash. I hope someday those men's creditcards get hacked.
  12. Usually, there is no resizing involved at all. If the work is, let's say, 700px*500px, and I upload it and it still has the same sizeproperties, the blurryness is still there. I read somewhere on the internet that it can be about colorsettings that are different in PS than the colors used on the internet. Does that make sense?
  13. I used to know HTML and CSS, but now it's all gone, so I can see myself in ridwan sameer's shoes. If I look at a tutorial, I would know it, however, I want to learn to know without the help of tutorials. So, I am glad you all gave so many links to different sites where I can start over again.
  14. Hi, I have a problem which I think that some of you more experienced graphics makers might be able to help me with. So, this is the problem: Whenever I do work in Photoshop the result is just as I want it and it is sharp and good. And then I post it online, and it is not so good anymore. It is blurry. Why is this, and what can I do to prevent it in the future?
  15. deyvion

    Hi there!

    Hi, My name is Deyvion (Veronica IRL). I am a beginner of programming and an intermediate graphic designer. I joined here to learn more about both, as I'd really want to become more than good in both.
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