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  1. Evergreen content sites are the best kind imo, you write authoritative articles once covering each aspect of a topic and you don't need to continually maintain the site afterwards. Sites with definitive how-to guides for example do really well with an evergreen setup.
  2. I sincerely hope Apple buys Twitter, it would be a great match. I don't think the ownership of Twitter will accept any offer that is even remotely reasonable, they will hold on until a price that is 10x too big is offered and that will be the deal breaker, imo. Current management at Twitter is extremely greedy according to many, even if they don't make very much from Twitter. The value in Twitter is it's heavy use by celebrities, only Facebook and Twitter get tons of free advertising on every website and only Twitter can be bought so yes, Apple, get it done!
  3. I used to run with eBay in the CJ program before eBay created their own platform. I went back to my CJ account a year later and found it closed with them claiming I owed them $40. Apparently they now charge a fee if you have no balance? And apparently they close your account if you don't use it? I haven't tried to re-apply, they aren't the only game in town and I didn't appreciate the account closure without so much as a warning.
  4. I recommend you look for themes that are efficient from a code point of view. Too often do I find a decent looking theme that is put together using code that is brutally hacked together and not efficient in any way. A 400k css filesize, really? An extra 750k of <!-- markup explanation code --> really? Learn to create your own themes, even if you base it off another free theme, and you will be light years ahead of the competition in terms of performance.
  5. When I look at conversion rates I aim for 1%, anything less isn't worth my time. I'm very happy when I achieve 1.5% and anything above that is pure gold. 2.43% is awesome Nathan, but, too bad it's Amazon where that translates into just 7% on extremely low prices. On a retail site the payout would likely have been 15% to 25% with a higher base price. Amazon is the McDonalds of affiliate programs. Fast, efficient... and cheap.
  6. You do that KMRock and while you're at it why don't you share your thoughts about it too? You know, these crazy forums are set up so that people can share their opinions, it would be a good idea to have one, don't you agree?
  7. I think Google has a lot of workers clearing flags and a lot of reasons for flags to be created Victor. I bet the flagging system is particularly active for page one results. If you suddenly jump to page one of results for the first time this might get you a flag which will then send your site to the ratings teams for evaluation. There is no way they can clear flags for 100's of thousands of sites per keyword but watching page one like a hawk, I bet they do. Think about it, when Google started showing one site 79 times out of the top 100 times they will create far fewer flags to evaluate.
  8. I take part in active discussions just like everyone else, I tend to try to remain low key but I do chime in when I have something to say. On a newer forum however it's important to have new threads to read and so I may log in and do nothing but create 10-20 new threads to talk about.
  9. Is that really an error or was someone attempting to boot the software via a desktop connection? I wish you could see the entire phone in the picture, it may very well be connected to a computer and the error might belong to that. I've never seen that error on a smartphone before.
  10. I have a sneaky suspicion that browser bookmarks are a solid ranking tool once again, especially if bookmarked in Chrome. When someone cares enough about your site to bookmark it they essentially are telling Google they like it and as with all data available Google will be gathering this information. It wouldn't make sense to ignore it, especially since most SEO's don't spend any time actively collecting bookmarks.
  11. Matt Cutts discussed fresh content as a ranking factor on a youtube video. It's worth listening to. Freshness is NOT an important factor for all sites.
  12. # REDIRECT REQUESTS CONTAINING /forum RewriteRule ^forum/(.*)$ http://www.example.com/$1 [R=301,L] RewriteRule ^forum$ http://www.example.com/ [R=301,L] You would place this above any other forum redirect code since you are changing the urls and any redirecting using the old forum urls will break.
  13. He didn't say KM, but it probably has been dropped since it still doesn't resolve to anything. As for the name the only thing I could think of that might go well is a game fansite for minecraft. I wouldn't invest a whole lot of time in that type of site because a) you'll spend most of your time playing instead of creating content and b: there is very little advertiser competition for a free video game. Not only will you get very few clicks but they won't pay much either.
  14. I own a mac laptop and it sits in my closet with the battery pack out. I liked it for a couple of months but kept getting update requests and then having my games slowed down while it updated in the background anyway, despite my disabling that, and so I tossed it. If mac was thinking ahead they would have made the laptops more powerful to cope with the incessant upgrade checks.
  15. For best results with Postloop on a new forum you should take the time to start 40-50 threads yourself BEFORE you unleash the posters. This works because most forum posters prefer to write about an existing subject than to start a new one. If you want new posts exclusively then pay someone to do exactly that but expect to pay a little more. If your threads all start to his page 2 and page 3 with very few new posts then pause your campaign and add 50 more new subjects yourself.
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