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  1. Actually you can make big money from forums too, but you are right with the fact that it may take some time to get back your investment. An easier option shall be to start your own blog. Promoting CPA offers may sound good at the beginning, but I'm not sure whether the community shall like to see CPA ads all the time.
  2. Yes. The design does not look professional. Looking probably like the 80s or 90s. I have never used their service, and hence I cant comment on that. But from what Victor said, their service does look interesting.
  3. I rather go for the monthly basis. I know that yearly payment does get us more discounts, but if I have any problem with a host, monthly payments make it easier for me to shift. If I had done yearly payments at that time, I shall probably be losing money.
  4. It depends mainly on how much I have to code. If there is nothing much to code, then a couple of hundred dollars shall do. If there is plenty of development and designing to do, I shall charge above $2000.
  5. Yes. Its most certainly a great business, considering that there are plenty of newbies in Flippa who have no idea how profitable a website is. You just have to do some keyword research, put up Wordpress, and place some content, and then just flip it! I have flipped a few domains, and they have fetched me more than $1000 apiece.
  6. The next one I'm thinking about learning is Python. I also want to brush up what all I have learnt in various other languages, so that I wont be forgeting them soon.
  7. Yes. It shall close automatically when the page is finished executing. But when you are thinking about multiple databases and multiple tables, it does become relevant to close your connection as soon as you are finished with it.
  8. johnthomas1433

    Basic PHP Guide

    Rather than installing the PHP yourselves, I suggest you install some IDE like Xampp, or Wamp, and they does make your job easier. Also do not try coding in Dreamweaver, as they shall generate the code most of the times with drag and drop, and that is not good. Better use Notepad++ like the rest of us.
  9. The first language that I ever learnt was C++, and we were made to learn it young. Those these days we mostly use C and Embedded C, C++ is most certainly opened up the path for learning plenty of other languages like PHP, Java, C due to their similarities in the syntax.
  10. Yes. Code Academy is certainly the most interactive learning platform that I have seen. If you want to keep things simple, and learn all the basics. W3Schools may be a good choice too. If its PHP, have a look at Tizag too.
  11. I never tried CJ before, since I already had a couple of accounts in various other CPA websites, and didnt wish to add any more accounts. Are you saying that just because you upgraded your account, you could get in ?
  12. True. But you have only a 24 hour window to make them buy some product from Amazon. If they add some product to the buying cart, you are in luck, as they can buy it in 90 days, and you shall still earn the commission. But your conversion should be terrible. How much was it ?
  13. Its not just the traffic, but rather the quality of the traffic, and your niche. I used to make more than $500 a month from a blog with less than 100 unique visits every day. It mostly depends on your niche. The better your niche and keywords, higher the pay rate per ad.
  14. I used Cloudfare for my websites, and I didnt see any advantage on using it. The main problem was that when I was building a website, Cloudfare shall cache it, and it takes a bit of time to update their cache, and sometimes it does take more than 24 hours for some of my code to take effect.
  15. Try out XtreemHost. I have not yet seen a better free web host than. But rather than going for a free web host, I always recommend to atleast get yourself a shared hosting plan.
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