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  1. Yes I use CloudFlare with all my websites (except the SSL ones as they cost $20 per month). I really love CloudFlare as it reduces bandwidth usage and also enhances the website speed. The only issue I find is when you change an image. Changes don't show for hours sometimes. The way around this is to purge the CloudFlare cache and put the site into developer mode.
  2. My favourite desktop distro is Ubuntu by far. It's the most user friendly of the Linux OSes. But for servers I would always use CentOS.
  3. Thanks for the welcome guys. C++ is actually not that difficult. Yes, it's not "easy" but it's alright. Tons better than silly old Pascal.
  4. I own a Mac Mini 2011 model, which I've upgraded to 8GB RAM. It runs the Mountain Lion OS, which I upgraded to from OS Lion. It has a 500GB hard drive and an Intel Core i5 2.xGHz processor.
  5. I upgraded my Mac Mini 2011 model to Mountain Lion on the day it came out. I have to say I love the addition of iMessage as I use this service a lot on iPad. Now I can also use it on my Mac as well. To me, it was worth the £13 I spent.
  6. Google Chrome is my favourite browser. It's fast, fluid, and free of annoying addons. It's so much better than Internet Explorer.
  7. I know HTML and quite a bit of CSS. I also know a little C++ and some C#. I enjoy programming. I study it at college.
  8. I would always recommend the Verdana or the Tahoma font for websites. Verdana would be my first choice as it's very legible and looks very neat. However, it can be quite a large font in comparison to many others. So if you're pushed for space then Tahoma would be a good choice. When I say Verdana can be "large" it's because of spacing between letters. Also, the letters themselves are quite wide in comparison to many other fonts. However, that's what makes Verdana so neat and legible. It's well spaced out.
  9. I learnt everything from w3schools when I started. I've since expanded my knowledge through practice.
  10. My laptop has 6GB of DDR3 RAM, a 2nd generation Intel Core i3 2.x GHz CPU, 750 GB SATA Hard Disk Drive, Intel HD Graphics 3000, 15.6 inch HD screen (can't quite remember the exact screen size), and is running the Windows 8 Pro + Media Centre operating system.
  11. I am currently learning C++ and C# at my college. But I would LOVE to learn to develop android apps. For this though I need to get more familiar with Java. I would also like to learn Objective C for Apple apps.
  12. Hello World! My name is Quiver. I am a webmaster and student programmer. Learning C++ and C# currently at my college. I joined this forum because it looks interesting.
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