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  1. Thanks for the heads up, I honestly didn't know what the maximum allowed. I believe I only had one section of my site that had 4 ads, I will adjust it asap.
  2. I never really looked into trying something else, but my next domain I register I'll be trying Namecheap. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Yeah I too have this same issue, I sometimes get put off by tweeking my site around is because I know too many times when i try to adjust something, 10 new problems arise.
  4. My biggest problem is the design/graphics/logos I have the hardest time adding that clean polish onto websites, mine keep on the side of plain and boring. Content and traffic can come to my site, but I just have no patience to make the site look nice.
  5. GoDaddy.... Never really thought about using anything else, something about their ads makes me forget to look for another option.
  6. I'm with adsense I'm not cashing in big, but I'm slowly building up with more and more content and setting up another website and a few small blogs here and there. Just dont bombard your page with ads. I usually will have 2-4 ads on any given page.
  7. Wow I've always thought piecing it all together is the best way to go, I can't believe its now cheaper to buy stright from dell. I'm not sure if I like this or not. Half the fun is putting all together yourself.
  8. I have a desktop, laptop and a ipad. I dont use my laptop anymore. I spend 90% of my time on my desktop and for those times I need something portable I take my ipad around with me.
  9. I've toyed with the idea of drop shipping, but so many people do it now. I always feel you should be ahead of the curve when it comes to this. Dont be afraid to try new things, but be afraid when the everyone get excited and greedy about a way you can make money.
  10. I feel the best way to increase traffic the correct way is to have great content. Then like a I always say, plant the seed and watch it grow. I see it too often too much increase in traffic to soon, leads to tons of failure. I do some fivver and forum posting as well, but I mostly concentrate on my content mostly.
  11. I've used photoshop for many years now. My usage for it has been very moderate, minor touchups and creations. I love all the new features in the new CS6 one word amazing.
  12. At first when I saw content aware on a youtube video I thought it was fake. hahaha This is amazing its almost like magic. This would of taken me a long time to do with my old Photoshop. I think its time I upgrade thanks for the video.
  13. I had this problem too with my old system. I was unable to fix it so I just got a new keyboard =)
  14. My sister in law was giving me the rundown on this site, Nothing seemed to interest me, but wow it really has gotten popular.
  15. I don't have much experience in this, but I know many of my family and friends follow the food trucks on twitter so they know where they can get their fix on that particular food. haha
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