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  1. I'd love to, BUT it's so close to impossibility! Haha, everybidy would dream of having such kind of car but only those who are super rich can afford those and those who doesnt have enough, well I guess we'll just settle our transpo via commuting temporarily . Back to its design, it really look so cool, since it's custom built, I bet its more expensive than any other branded cars.
  2. If it costs more than 20 million.. OR MORE,, then I'd probably spend it for house and lot & car and I will allot the money equally to my family members and will save for my future dream wedding (haha!). Well of course, a part of it would also be given to charities, it's just like paying it forward. )
  3. Even though tablet/ipad/smartphones are created, it still cannot be able to achieve the comfort of working using our desktop computers/laptop. Yes, those are stand alone gadgets but if you're in a hurry and you're a report maker, then along with your tablet, you also have to bring your keyboard so that you can use it more effective and efficiently. I've tried using both, and I still prefer using laptops, because the way I perceive it, tablets are made for entertainment purposes and "not so" for working purposes. (hehe), but I love my tablet anyways.
  4. It is quite obvioous already that the world we live in is not safe anymore, that's why government pays attention to health more than anything else. WIth all these technological advancement, we tend to limit our exercise period and focus more on our computer activity which in turns lead to sedentary lifestyle with its complications such as heart disease because you dont have your exercise anymore. BUt that's just one thing, staying longer with your computer strain your eyes causing damage to your eyes and so many more. Not that I discourage the usage of computers rather I, as a health practitioner, encourage that along our computer activities, we find time to relax and maximiza the use of other technologies that could limit further damge to our bodily system. For example, if you're wearing eyeglasses then try to enhance them by putting Anti UV rays to your lenses, have at least 1 regular 5-10minutes of exercise every and a lot more. Hope this helps! Good day!
  5. Hi! Good day everyone! I'm MC, nurse by profession and a blogger at times. I may be a NUrse but I know something about programming and systme development. I'm currently working in a health agency but since we are tag as the "jack of all trades" we're all being forced to study the IT part of all the things in the office so we will not oftentimes rely on our IT here in the department. haha Gain, its nice to be here, and hoping to hear from you soon! Have a nice day!
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