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  1. I think you could use a simpler way. For example you may insert the footer inside the main container as the last element of course and apply something like this: .footer { width:inherit; text-align:center; padding:5px; color:#e3e3e3; font-size:12px; } It's really simple and if you look carefully the first two lines are doing all the work you need.
  2. I use Commission Junction sometimes but I don't see why would you use HootSuite to get an account? I have a CJ account for quite a while now and to be honest it was very easy to get accepted but I think you first have to own a website with some content in it and you'll get accepted without a problem. I only use CJ when I cannot find some particular offers in other networks, not for anything else but I am used to work with other networks.
  3. The main reason why I always hesitate to go into forum projects it's the difficulty to make decent money out of it. In order to make good money from a forum, you need a huge community and in order to reach that it will take quite a long time. However, I think you can use forum best to promote CPA campaigns such as Free Stuff offers.
  4. I sold a couple of domains for a few hundred bucks and to be honest I'm quite happy about it. From my experience, domain flipping (buying and selling domains) it's a very stable way to make some extra cash online. Its very easy and friendly since you can easily buy domains and sell them in auctions. Does anyone here use the domain flipping method as a way to earn money online?
  5. I think this depends on the scale of the websites. If it is a large website that requires a powerful server and it has a lot of content and many updates per day, then it will be impossible for the webmaster to deal with both server administration and web development. In this case I think that is completely unnecessary. However, even if it is not a large scale website, I think web development skills are more important than server administration since for most of the stuff about server administration you can ask your hosting provider and they can complete them.
  6. Hey guys. I like building Wordpress themes from scratch and I've seen a lot of people who do this in many different forums but I am really surprised how people don't ever mention Wordpress around here. I think Wordpress it's the best CMS out there and I know most of the developers will back me up in this one. Personally I like to build Wordpress themes from scratch and also sometimes when I need for my project I also build Wordpress Plugins. I wanted to know, is there any Wordpress Theme or Plugin developer around here? Thank you.
  7. In general Tutsplus tutorials are all pretty awesome. They have many websites dedicated to different niches, such as NetTuts (Web Development tutorials), PSDTuts, VectorTuts etc. I usually visit NetTuts but PSDTuts it's my number one resource for Photoshop tutorials for sure.
  8. Well that depends from course to course. There are many authors and to be honest I've seen JavaScript courses that even a complete beginner would explain better. But still, I think that you probably have advanced knowledge in Android development and that stuff that you read in CodeAcademy was to shallow for you.
  9. I make this decision based on the project I am working on. It depends if the project I am working on it's risky, if so, I usually pay on a monthly basis, but for my already established projects I usually choose to pay in annual terms. This again depends on the amount of the money that I have to pay, if it costs to much I just go with the monthly payments, no matter the project.
  10. I am a big fan of jQuery and JavaScript in general and I have to mention I have become a great fan of JS only because of this amazing website where I learned most of the things I know about JavaScript and few other programming languages. It's called CodeAcademy, it's completely interactive and you can learn a lot there.
  11. When it comes to free hosting I only go with one option always, and that is Awardspace. I think for free hosting it's the most credible offer on the web.
  12. It all depends how you use it. You may buy a managed dedicated server and the hosting provider will install all the software you may need. Dedicated servers are of course for more advanced users and VPSes are more simpler and quite easy to maintain (specially if you own a Windows VPS). I personally find more practical the VPS but after a while it will come a time when you may need to implement something more advanced that will run better on dedicated servers.
  13. Hi, I'm Barry Lejieg and I am 21 years old. I am a web developer and designer. I am more specialized in HTML/CSS/JavaScript and jQuery. This forum looks like a very good community and I hope I will have the chance to help everyone else in my field and also receive help from other members. Thank you.
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