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  1. Nope, I'm still new to this whole website creating idea, but what you've said sounds really interesting, so I might give it a try to make some good money online.
  2. Lmao at the Video, first time seeing that song with the video. Weird stuff xD But I was listening to: Green Days 21 days.
  3. Yeah I'd say Nexus, there's nothing special about the new iPad mini, it's just another lame idea to make iPad's smaller. I'm not sure why they did that. So my vote would be for the Nexus.
  4. Here's my view: Volunteers aren't that good as if they volunteer to be one, they won't work as hard as they are getting nothing in return except a new group. But if you find volunteers that have already been working hard on your site, they have a interest in it, therefore their work will be at 100%, trying to make your site better. Where as paid ones, they know they are getting paid for their work, they will try to work as hard as possible in case the owner thinks they're not working hard enough and losing their moderator roles. However, the paid ones may not have a good interest with
  5. Wow nice, pretty good products available to spend my credits on :]
  6. Nah, I agree with you. I'd prefer to just pay monthly because a year is way too long for me. If I pay monthly, if I don't like it, or the speed isn't good enough I can change easily.
  7. On my last forum, I post like around 10+ relevant and interesting threads each day, so members can have new things to talk about every day. As for my posts, I try to make as many as I can, each with at least 2 sentences just so the forum doesn't look too vague.
  8. Congrats Victor on winning this contest :]
  9. Yeah that's true, so you'd get double the benefits ;] And yeah, you can discuss what threads that would catch attention to visitors and by sitting round a table, you'd get more ideas and much more threads added.
  10. When I learnt Photoshop, I didn't really learn how to use it first, I just went on deviantart and just found a couple of signature tutorials and learned from them. After finishing all those tutorials I found using Photoshop much more easier as the more tutorials I did, the more I know about it.
  11. Thanks Nathan :] It looks good so far, hopefully it'll get even more active.
  12. Haha, yeah give them a few snacks for their posts, in the end it would be worth it as you'd be having a good content forum, good posts, and more people will join and you'd gain some good revenue
  13. I'd still say Adsense even if you have a small userbase, as they will still generate revenue for you. But they are strict and doesn't approve sites easily. But you could have normal members and premium members like deviantart use. So I guess you can try and invent a cool feature which people would buy the membership for to gain extra features. Donations are also a good way, but some people may think you only put donations for your own needs, not for the forum itself :/ But if you have a active userbase, you could try offering services e.g. graphics design, coding help and you could earn good c
  14. Yeah it's possible to just pay for the hosting and domain and not pay for forum posting. If I opened one, I'd get a few friends of mine and start posting, then after you get some good content in there, just post the link somewhere and I'm sure people would be interested in joining if they see the content that's provided and know it will not be a dead forum.
  15. Wow That looks awesome! Well, if you have something to aim for, your motivation increases so yeah I would work extremely hard to get one of them But I'd rather spend the money on something else other than a super expensive car
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