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  1. I agree with Spike, word of mouth is the best unpaid promotion. I also think links in signature or links in the posts (threads) are a great way to get visitors for your website. They attract a lot of members and I happen to be one of them. If I really like the topic of the forum/website linked in your post, I WILL visit it. It, in my opinion, is the second best way to promote your website. Another way is by affiliating with other forums but then you can start having rivalry between the two forums and may lead to downfall of the forum.

  2. I do think that paid is better but not always. I do prefer paid things when I want better things for my websites but then again, practice makes perfect and if you know how to get around it, then you should be fine.

  3. I don't like SMF to be honest. User wise their system is quite complicated and its not good looking at the beginning. Admin wise they don't have as many features as one would expect from a Forum Software. As someone pointed out, it doesn't have good enough system to combat spam which is becoming a really big issues now-a-days in forums.

  4. I agree with what Nathan said, there can't ever be everyone who likes the theme of your website. You should try to make one which pleases most of the people. If you own a forum or blog, do a poll first about which colour theme they would like first. Then you should give some choices of the free designs and tell them to choose from it and then get someone to make a similar design to that.

  5. Well every forum software has its pros and cons. There are quite a lot of them out there but I agree, choosing one is one of the tough jobs to do.


    If you don't want to spend a lot of money at the beginning then I would suggest choosing from MyBB or PhpBB. They both are quite good softwares although I haven't used PhpBB recently. MyBB is very user friendly, it is the easiest software I have used until today and I have been able to design/create templates in it all by myself. From a forum point of view, it is very easy for the users to navigate around the forums. There are however some features which you might not find in MyBB but you will in other paid softwares such as making the user experience better by using jQuery and Javascript.


    I have not used a lot of paid softwares but from my experience, I think Xenforo is quite a good software to look at if you are willing to spend money for your forum.

  6. There are times when you need a specific plugin which you wanted to be created for your website. That is when I will be willing to hire someone. I will also hire someone professional to make a theme for a forum so that the theme is forum specific not just one which can be seen on every forum you go to.

  7. I am not sure what the worst thing I have done is but one bad thing that I have done is that I used a free forum hosting website which wasn't well established and I went off paying $50ish to get ads removed and all to find out in the next 2 days, I had been IP banned.

  8. As far as I know, it is the IPB standarad theme. I have used it on other forums as well and it is the same. I really like using it as it speeds everything up on mobile. There are similar plugins to get the forum on mobile for MyBB as well (which I am using for my forum).

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