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  1. Hey guys, I was just wondering, how many e-mail accounts do you have? I think I have a bit too many so wanted to compare.. I have: 1 Gmail 1 Yahoo 3 Hotmail 1 Personal Domain e-mail I think thats it..
  2. Yeah that is true as well. If you already had posts, most of them would be in dead threads. I guess thats a good way to look at it. I think you should go ahead if you are willing to make the investment. It should pay off
  3. I've seen it and I am really liking the newer Windows'. I am still on Windows XP but I am thinking of upgrading my laptop later this year or buying a new one so that I can also enjoy the beauty of the newer OS'.
  4. How many posts do you have on that forum? Because that will impact how many views and clicks the link gets from that website as well.
  5. Putting links in your signature for $99 per year? I think for this, you must have a lot of posts on that website at first because if you have 1 post then there is no point of buying it. The forum however looks quite active and I do think it will get you some new members but I doubt it will be really worth the investment.
  6. Ouch.. I think if he couldn't do it in 2 weeks and is doing it in 2 days, the quality you will be getting for it might be bad. Good thing you asked for a refund . What kind of a project was it? Design/Coding etc.?
  7. I have to say in my opinion, Forum Promotion is the worst website to advertise your website on, however it is quite a good website to ask for services such as review of the website or posts for your forums and etc but to advertise, it is a no-no. I don't usually use promotion forums for advertising. I just put my website's link in my signature on every forum I visit. I like this method better.
  8. I agree. If I ever wanted to become a freelancer and then learn while doing a project for a client of mine, I would give them a discount for sure. Mainly because it may not be up to their standards as such and it will take longer for me to do it because it will be the first time I am doing it.
  9. Wow.. Didn't know that it was possible to make the progress bars in CSS3.. I guess I need to learn CSS3 from scratch because all the features that I've been using are border radius and box shadow. Btw Nathan, I really like the one you posted, might use that in a project of mine
  10. I looked at it yesterday and I wasn't really impressed with it. When I opened the page, it had a big header telling me to join which just put me off from joining. Maybe if it grows, I will check it out but for now.. doesn't matter to me.
  11. Mine is facebook because most of my friends use facebook and it is the best way for me to keep in touch with them. I also have twitter which I hardly use now a days.
  12. Great competition. Will keep the next two weeks quite free so that I win this competition. Good luck to all!
  13. I agree and there are quite a few freelancers who learn while they do the work for you which is quite annoying sometimes and not worth the money you pay them. I would do the same as you did there. Do it yourself or hire someone who knows how to do it.
  14. The only programming language I know is PHP and I am not good at it as well. If it is web designing, I am good with HTML and CSS. I have tried learning PHP but never succeeded in it and found that I was getting bored too quickly. So I gave up on it.
  15. I agree, when you need to do it quickly, its better to hire Freelancers. However, I never needed anything so I guess I didn't need to hire them. I know a freelancer called Mikey (http://www.mikeylicio.us/'>http://www.mikeylicio.us/) who is really good. I have known him for quite a while. I also know 2-3 others. Here is my list of them: Mikey - http://www.mikeylicio.us/ Andraz - http://www.rihtar.eu/ Nayan - I'm not sure of his website but If you PM me I could get him to contact you or vice versa.
  16. I have used both Fireworks and Photoshop. And from my experience of fireworks, it was a bit too hard to get used to because I have been using Photoshop for nearly about 8 years now. However, it is a good software for a new user to use for graphics design. Photoshop is my favourite because I have a lot of knowledge about it but also because it is more professional than Fireworks.
  17. I have never hired a freelancer. I have always believed in doing things myself - learning the language and doing it myself. I have never encountered any need to hire freelancers however, I do know a few freelancers who are quite good at what they do and I help them out with testing things which they make. I would love to be a freelancer one day, however, I think I am not up to it.
  18. DevilKid


    I think it is a standalone software. AFAIK they don't have any other softwares which are possible to integrate into it.
  19. It was quite a good website. When I owned quite a popular forum, it used to come up on there. I guess if they can't be bothered to do anything with it, then there is noting we can do. :/
  20. Here is mine. It is a peak time of the day and I am on wireless so the results are not really accurate but close enough.
  21. I think the thread which gets the most replies or has a lot of good discussions inside it will also be a good way to choose which is the best thread. So for example, a thread which has got a lot of discussions started, that could be the "best thread" of the weeks.
  22. Wow. That looks great. A great tool for photographers and designers (espicially the extend tool). Even though I am not much of a graphics person, it is a great tool and would like to use it.
  23. In my opinion I think MyBB is the best forum software around. It is really easy to customize and has a great UI. Never used any paid softwares so I can't give opinion on them.
  24. DevilKid


    Here is the link: http://www.prestashop.com/ The main software is free but the addons cost a lot!
  25. DevilKid

    HTML 5

    Yes, CSS3 is quite new as well. I think for web designers and website owners it will take a while to get used to them as it is still new and it won't come into use that quickly.
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