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  1. I am not investing any money in it, I liked the fact that they can deposit your earnings straight into your Ebay account and some of their products are not that difficult to sell. I always love postingin forums so I can get a better opinion, most reviews on the website are usually skewed towards a persons personal opinion.
  2. The point is why buy a slower processor only to overclock it? Buy a powerful processor with more power than you will ever need. Plus overclocking makes your entire system unstable, it can crush anytime in case you do it wrong.
  3. I guess it makes them feel wise since they understand how to play around with doors and overclock their processors, lol, You are right, some time back it was pretty hard and expensive to get your hands to a fast porcessor hence the need to overclock your cpu but today, you can get a very fast processor that only uses 60% of its resources at peak performance.
  4. I am plannig to start using RAP bank (closely similar to Click Bank) but I barely know it's pros and cons. If there is any one of you who has some insider tips I would greatly appreciate. Thank you.
  5. It's not that difficult, all ou have to do is type in Google whatever niche you are interestedin followed by guest blogging at the end. Alternatively, you can use techncrati as suggested by Hardison.
  6. I would also rather stick to the water cooled one since oil can get quite messy in case there is a leakage. Also, in case a stray spark or other source of fire finds it way into your computer, you are going to find a really hard time dealing with the flames
  7. OK so I did a quick research and here is how it works: 1. Components are Submerged Your normal computer components are submerged in mineral oil which is non conductive so there is no risk of your compnents short circuting. 2. heat is transfered to the oil Not quite hard to understand as the heat that is generated by your computer is passed on to the oil which conducts heat five times better than air 3. heat is dissipated The oil is then pumped to a radiator which dissipates the heat into the air surrounding the PC. Impressive right?
  8. Wow that's wonderful, I always dreamnt of owning a water cooled computer way back when I was in college, I guess I got old and I became old, you know, doing what old people do which is buying one thing and staying with it forever until after several upgrades later of the operating system by microsoft, am I forced to purchase a new computer which is faster and compatible with the new operating system. LOL. Anyways, I guess I will have to check up on the oil cooled computer and find out what it's all about. I really wanted an easy explanation.
  9. I was actually excited thinking that you can also see who actually viewed your news feed. This would have been really interesting to see some of my exes who had blocked me peeping into my wall to try and find out what I am up to.
  10. It's not like I can not write my own articles, I am actually really good and I used to write articles for cash some time back, but of late I have hit some serious writers block and almost all of the articles I had started writing a few weeks ago are either a paragraph or a paragraph and a half long Maybe if I pay for one or two articles, I might get some inspiration and start writing again.
  11. That's $15/20 per 500 word articles hmm, not bad, I can work with that. Are they specialised in a writting articles for a certain niche or they can write about whatever niche you throw at them?
  12. I am really interested in the second one but it seems to be offline, can you give us more info like revenue, traffic and the like Thanks.
  13. Sorry to hear that Well, I also got almost the same "treatment" from Facebook but mine was a little but harsher. For some reason, I had an unusual amount of friend request from my new facebook account that I had created solely for the purpose of promoting my new website and for that reason Facebook blocked it and informes me that they wil only allow me access to my site after I identify a group of strangers by their facebook names. You can guess what happened next lol.
  14. There was a water cooled processor sometime back (must have been done by alien ware or something I can't really remeber) and it was really cool, I mean the design of the cooling system for the processor was way beyond it's time and there are rumors of an oil cooled processor somewhere out there in the market. Has anyone heard of this?
  15. I would say paying monthly is not only safe but also very reliable in case the hosting company starts to act up or traffic suddenly becomes unbearable (extremely high for your current host to handle) in your site, you might need to switch hosts. It makes you less of a slave to the hosting company
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