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  1. kingpost

    Howdy everyone!

    Welcome to the Board
  2. Around 5 to 6 cents per post!! Thatsit!
  3. Hostgator giving you 1 year free hosting? how lol?
  4. OMG, Awosome, Will check it out!
  5. kingpost

    Best free web hosts...? Are there?

    Try www.000webhost.com!!
  6. Thanks you jaype for heling me anymore?
  7. kingpost

    Hi From Australia

    Welcome to the board Jel
  8. kingpost

    Check out my work!

    Dont self promo here!
  9. kingpost

    Speeding Up Windows

    Try to scan you pc
  10. kingpost

    SMF SMF anyone?

    vBulletin is better then SMF i think!!
  11. Yeh its very good, and very use for website owners!!
  12. kingpost

    Do you build your own PC?

    Nah, I didn't, Beacuse i'm not so good at hardware
  13. kingpost

    What's Your Favorite Distro?

    Dude What you meant by Distro?