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  1. My first was actually FoxPro. I've forgotten most of it now, however, since I learned it when I was only about eight or so, playing around on my dad's computer. When i was ten or so, I learned HTML and CSS and loved to do web design (and still do!) Since I got into high school, I've learned Java as my main programming language as far as it comes to actually programming (I don't believe that HTML and CSS count). Now I'm trying to learn PHP, C++, and SQL!
  2. I think Flash should be used very, very sparingly, and only if you know what you are doing. For example, flash applications and flash games are fine if they demonstrate what you do well - for example, using a flash game to demonstrate your ability as a game designer. But if you use flash for everything (flash splashpages are a huge mistake that some people make) then it often gets annoying and can even slow down the page. For pretty effects, CSS3's animated transitions are a far less clunky choice.
  3. I actually disagree with the myriad of people clamoring about Times New Roman. I think it's very hard to read on a screen - the letters are thin and serifed, which makes it hard to parse in your mind. I think that sans-serif fonts (Helvetica, Arial, Calibri) or wider fonts (Georgia, Cambria) are far better choices than Times New Roman will ever be. Helvetica is a nice font, despite what some people apparently say about it as well - it has few differences from Arial, and both are perfectly good fonts. Personally, I prefer Georgia for written text on paper, and Calibri for typed text on a sc
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