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  1. LOL! I was about replying her, when I saw your reply. She probably didn't read your post properly.
  2. I think it is very important, especially in a situation where others are going to read or make future amendments. And I think it also shows your professionalism, if you arrange very roughly, chances are you are not all that good and otherwise shows the exact opposite. I remember when I was going to make some changes on a website some guy created, the codes were not only bogus but the arrangement was just too muddled up. I was pissed, is an understatement. I find myself writing codes on a straight line or a slant like style. And I'm always keeping everything on different lines e.g a variabl
  3. I have image editors like Corel Draw, Photoshop, etc. But, my favourite is Fireworks. I think I kinda like Fireworks for its simplicity, one don't have to go through a lot of hassle before getting anything done. Photoshop for example, I find it having some unnecessary complications. Although, I always get the feeling that I'm limiting myself using Fireworks alone when some others I have seem like they can do the job better. Perhaps, if I start doing more of designing my opinion might change.
  4. It's going to bring in a lot. The growth would be real fast than what we've now, and I'm afraid that won't be really good. I hope to be part of the people that play one role or the other in that future. But, I'm afraid that, we won't even be able to enjoy a technology before another comes in, like we're already experiencing now. However, it would be massive then.
  5. This is very true. The dedicated days I spent building backlinks really paid off. And I think I'm going to have to start doing it by tomorrow. consistency and hard-work are the keys to a successful website.
  6. Oh! welcome to the forum, I'm also new here, BTW. I've interest in coding and graphics design. I'd be looking forward to reading your inputs with regards to graphic design since that's like what you are majoring in.
  7. To be honest I've not experienced something like this before. The only time this happened, was when I over optimized my image(s). However, I think the site you uploaded your images to probably optimized them.
  8. Ok, let me put it this way. When you use HTML5 and Javascript(and similar technologies) to make responsive websites, you do something different entirely. That is you create a different supplementary page. i.e a new mobile design different from the desktop version of that site. So, each time you access the site with a mobile, it would be redirected to the new website. Meaning you now have two different websites(mobile and desktop version) to maintain. HTML5/Javascript(and similar technologies) are also close to stand alone mobile apps in terms of looks and capabilities. On the other hand, r
  9. The differences between HTML5/JS responsive website and ordinary responsive website are but not limited to; 1). HTML5 responsive websites are created using HTML5 and JavaScript and are different from the main website. That is whenever a different browser(or screen size) is viewing a website, it would be redirected to the one created by HTML5 and JS. 2). Ordinary RWD are created using CSS and HTML and they are implemented by total redesigning of the normal webpages.
  10. I'm actually planning on starting the domain flipping business in the nearest future. But, I'm still waiting to get some cash as I want to buy lots of domain at a time. I'd be dealing in the long term domain flipping, that is domain that would sell ok in the long future. And also short ones that I'd probably have gotten buyers(unknown to them) for before buying, or just quickly look for after buying. I think it's a good move to buy older domains via auction sales for less and reflip it again. But, is anyone looking into flipping domain hacks? I think I'm going to deal in that as well.
  11. I recently saw this(http://www.dropmylink.com), It is used for searching for blogs that offer do-follow links. And it can also be used to search for a specific TLD(e.g .edu). All one needs to do is to enter a particular keyword, select the kind of site and TLD you want, and you'll be redirected to google for results.
  12. I learned the basics of HTML by reading source codes. Later, I read from online resources such as w3schools and that was it. Although, I didn't learn CSS(which I learned for like a week) until a year or thereabout after on w3schools. However, I think it's all about "practice makes perfect", the more you practice the two(CSS and HTML), the more you get better with them.
  13. Well, IMO, it depends on what you want to use it for. For example, I use Dreamweaver(coding interface), but I rarely use the WYSIWYG editor. And that's because I want to be able to control my build effectively, and avoid unnecessary codes. Also, in the case of web editors(WYSIWYG), they can only work effectively for static codes alone and not for the dynamic ones. So, in other words WYSIWYG is mostly useful for someone who is mainly coding in HTML with inline CSS. And someone who is writing say, CSS(external), Javascript, and PHP etc would rely on the code editor, browser and server(for s
  14. I don't have specific time for SEO, I don't do too much of SEO, anyways. Although, until two days ago I'd been trying to get at least two backlinks per day which was either 'hit or miss'. However, I'm planning on leaving out two days for SEO work one of these days. The two days should be able to cover x2 'half-hour' six days backlinks mission I ended two days ago.
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