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    Reading and cooking are my two favourite hobbies. Horror fiction and sci fi fiction are books l like to read the most. My cooking skills are pretty good and l like to cook different types of foods like thai, indian, chinese and carribean so l think it's far to say l can cook.
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  1. Sounds like a good idea but l have to admit l am nervous about purchasing items like that because l know l would need a lot of help and to make it worse you now want a refund. Please post if you do get your refund because $200 is a lot of money to lose.
  2. Not for newbies then? It sounds really complicated if you don't know how, l wanted to set up a forum in the past but l was put off with all the technology involved.
  3. The lottery is really better than competition, like you say above competition completely rules out nearly everybody but two but if you offer a lottery at least people will think they have a chance of winning. More chances of winning equals more entries.
  4. I think it's a bit suspect! $499 for a website now that's a lot of money. People always try to make money off of other businesses, wikipedia is not charging all that money which means people have found a loop hole. Wikipedia needs to amend there terms and conditions because l think it's a rip off.
  5. Thanks for the above, l've been looking at affiliate programs as well as PTC and at least with affiliate programs you can make money two ways. Sell your products or sell someone else's, that's really good, l'll be googling affiliate programs to see which ones come up.
  6. I agree l don't see it as a good thing, another giant taking over another giant which means more control. If Apple takes over twitter that means that Apple will have even more control when it comes to people's information and l really see that as a bad thing. If they was to give all there customers a nice voucher to use in there shops then that might ease the discomfort people feel.
  7. Bryce12 that's my thoughts entirely, like you say its a shame others will not follow. That is a very generous boss l wish l was one of his employees.
  8. I'm all for new technology and it's so easy to pay for things with your phone, l use Payal to pay for things which is convenient. I would not want to see cash replaced with cards as it's always handy to have cash available.
  9. I use bing every day, l'm from the UK and it does the same job as google. Surprised to hear that about bing though, l experienced no problems.
  10. At least people can now earn money from the giant, l think we will see more people taking advantage of this by making more video's that they have created themselves including the music.
  11. I was just about to ask whether adsense works, l remember a few years back Ebay was selling tons of websites packed with adsense ads and l bought one of those but lt did'nt work out due to me not putting the work in and the rest is history.
  12. You have shown that with some work you can make money but it's a lot of work and no one wants to work hard they all want something thats runs it's self. Wish you all the best things are going in the right direction.
  13. My thoughts exactly, if I was just starting out l would not hire anyone until l saw a demand for it and people do not work for free so why put yourself under that kind of pressure.
  14. My point exactly! There is too many products like this on the market, l stay clear of those long pages and at the bottom is there SPECIAL offer for $49.99 or in this case just over $60.00. It's a lot of money but if people really want to try it they should do as much research as possible to make sure they have tried to cover their end.
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