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    beans902 reacted to bryce12 in Affiliate Marketing   
    I would suggest that you advertise your site on internet marketing forums. A lot of forums allow threads for new affiliate programs so you can get some new affiliates almost instantly. Another way to grab attention of affiliates is to list your program on affiliate program directories, list them on as many directories as possible and you'll soon have a number of affiliates promoting your offer.
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    beans902 reacted to KMRock in Is Apple buying Twitter?   
    For some reason I can't see this as being a good thing, I prefer twitter as a stand alone.
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    beans902 reacted to bryce12 in YouTube Opens Partner Program to Everyone   
    I think it is difficult to participate since one must own the rights to images and music used in the video. But I agree its great news for content producers, they can now earn top dollars for their efforts. Hope they extend the program for more countries.
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    beans902 reacted to Victor Leigh in Making money from forums?   
    I have been on quite a few forums: some big, some small, some active, some more dead than alive. From what I have observed, the surest way of making money from a forum is through selling premium memberships. That kind of money is hard cash in the pocket. I believe there is one very big and very active forum where there is only one kind of membership - paid membership.
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    beans902 reacted to Nathan in Micro Niche Websites that Pay!   
    A few weeks back I started posting some links to sites where I purchase micro niche website and let you guys know I would review them. Well to date still nothing and they seem to have been a waste of money. Luckily they were cheap. However, I know there is money out there to be made on these so I purchased every eBook I could find and researched the micro niche topic to death. I took a little bit from each thing I read and created my own plan for creating a micro niche website. I have finally perfected my technique, I have a stable site in less than 2 weeks that earns $10-$30 per day on AdSense.
    I'm going to follow the sites progress this month and make sure it stays within the $10-$30/day average. After the months end if I can maintain that success I will be offering the sites for sale. Now you cannot just put this site out there and let it run it's course without ever touching it again. It will be alright for a while but as the content gets old and nothing new is posted the site's traffic will suffer ultimately leading to lower income. The site takes some maintenance, a few new articles per week and some minor SEO tweaks. This is why I will be offering a monthly maintenance plan with the sites as well and guarantee a monthly minimum the site will generate if you keep the maintenance plan in place.
    Lastly, I'm currently building out more sites like this for myself until I reach the 500 limit that AdSense has in place. I will be selling these as I build my network out.
    I will keep this thread updated with progress.
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    beans902 reacted to CHiLL in Do you start a forum with many moderators or just you?   
    I've never had my own forum, and I doubt I'll ever have one. That said, a new forum with a small user-base doesn't need many moderators, as there isn't a demand for it.
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    beans902 reacted to dojo in Do you start a forum with many moderators or just you?   
    I see a trend in many new forums to have an army of 'mods' who are there to actually help with content, since there's no spam/trolling in a new inactive community. I, for instance, like to start a forum on my own and build up from there. It can be years until I hire someone to help with moderation.
    What about you?
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    beans902 reacted to tetutato in Should I buy an online product that promises to make me Money Online? - Commission Blueprint Evolution   
    There ARE SO MANY of these make-money products out there. Only a few of them works and only a few people make money out of them. So no, I would not.
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