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  1. I've used Photoshop for 10+ years now. I can't imagine using anything else. I also use Illustrator in conjunction with Photoshop.
  2. Sunnyshine said what I was thinking. I can only think of a very few reasons that flash would be warranted on a website these days.
  3. You can get transparency in Photoshop by turning off the background layer and deleting the areas that that you want to be transparent. Then make sure to save as a .png or .gif.
  4. I also agree with using CSS. An image might be easier to use in the short term, but in the long run, good CSS code can go a long way for the reasons listed above: broken links are not an issue CSS will most likely load faster CSS and text add context for search engines
  5. Absolutely ID's (#) are still used. I use them to identify the parts in my webpage, much like the example above. #header, #maincontent, #footer. Classes (.) are also necessary for things that you plan on using throughout your design. The way you should decide what to use when is keeping in mind that the ID (#) can be used once per page, whereas a class (.) can be used multiple times.
  6. I don't do a lot of free lance work. When I graduated, I was told that the formula is take the base salary of the type of job you are doing based on the area you want to work in and multiple it by three. The reason for that is that somebody who is employed as a web designer has benefits in addition to their salary. A free-lancer does not have that. So, say Web Designers who are fluent in HTML and CSS in my area make $20/hr. As a free-lancer, I would charge $60/hr. I hope that helps some!
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