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  1. Friends, how effective is the chitka program? Have can of you guys been benefited after using them?
  2. Thanks for that! This sounds a lot more clear to me! Let me give it a try now
  3. What a path breaking idea! Just when you thought, humans cannot think any further we tend to come up with something like this! Totally amazing
  4. Hey friends! Can someone explain to me what Fiverr is all about? I can write on varied topics like sports, entrepreneurship, automobile industry,logistics industry etc. How do I use these skills to earn money in Fiverr? Can someone please explain as I did not understand how exactly it works out!
  5. Looks like a good idea! But unfortunately it is going to take time before it comes to my country India At least we can be prepared when it comes!
  6. The primary revenue sources are paid membership and adsense. But even I have found adsense to be really tough on approvals and even if they approve, the ads spoil the beauty of the forum! If you can get specific sponsored ads there is nothing like it!
  7. I prefer the same option just as you Initially it is always good to start of as a single moderator and try to take it up from there. Based on the increase in activity we can make a call as to whether we need more mods or not!
  8. Threads are the lifelines of a forum! To me it is highly important that we keep starting atleast 3-5 threads on a daily basis. This keeps spurring more and more new discussions and the forum would seem ever so active!
  9. I used to be in a forum where in they conducted tournaments with virtual money. The player who eventually had the highest virtual money was the winner and was paid in cash!
  10. To me it all depends on what the forum is all about and how we end up finding the moderators. I had previously run a forum based on cricket and I was lucky enough to have volunteer moderators. But after a while, I was forced to look out for paid moderators since I couldn't demand any work from them
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