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  1. They also charged $10 per month penalty for having no activity/sale. I used to have around $90 balance in my CJ account several months ago but since I'm not very active in marketing CJ products the past months, I got penalized for it. I can't withdraw the remaining amount since the minimum required is $100.
  2. I think I'm one of those who don't add tags to posts. But promise I will from now on. After reading this topic, how I wish I have this option in my forum too.
  3. I'm not very good in making graphics and I mostly rely on free resources/tools found online. One of my favorites is a free online logo maker website called >> Cooltext.com. It's free, no registration needed and very easy to use. You can also find thousands of fonts and all are available to download for free. Here are just a few examples of what you can do at Cooltext.com: You can also use the site to create website buttons.. Really worth checking.
  4. I never really thought about it before until now. Anyway, here's my "ten things" - both as a marketer and as a consumer (3 to 10 are not in any particular order but the first two are definitely on top of my list.)... Spam emails Pop-up ads Data mining Marketing-hyped ads Click fraud Cloaked URL that redirects to an ad before going to the real destination. People who inquired multiple times and did not actually bought any of your products/services. Black-hat SEO Pop-up opt-ins asking you to subscribe or else you won't be able to access the content. and, Self-proclaimed internet marketing gur
  5. Auto updates are not enabled by default for major releases like 3.7.1 to 3.8 WP versions (as far as I know). I think the auto-update issue came about in the 3.7 release? Anyway, I just made 2 Wordpress installations this morning and I did not check the auto-update option so I'm hoping I won't be getting the same problem in the future. Anyway I found this advice on several blog guides: But I hope I won't have to do it in the future as I'm not very knowledgeable with codes and I don't want to mess up any file.
  6. Hi there @justusforus ... I don't know if there's a protocol or special set of rules to follow when starting a website but this is what I usually do after buying a domain. 1. Create social media accounts for your domain and secure the matching URLs for it. Example: Twitter.com/matchingyourdomainname and Facebook.com/matchingyourdomainname 2. Set-up your contact details - the email address that you're going to use, determine what contact no. you're going to use, etc... 3. Determine the purpose of your website. (Is it going to be a forum, a blog, an online store?) t
  7. Hello can anyone tell me what's the difference between an HTML5 website and a "Responsive" one? Because I thought they were one and the same... For the last two months I've been making changes for my clients' websites because they want a site that's mobile-friendly. I made a research about it and found out about the Responsive web templates. I first experimented creating my portfolio using a downloaded Responsive web template. I customized just a little and published it. I was very happy with the results as my portfolio webpage fits perfectly in every device that I used to view it
  8. Same here, it's my first time to know about this kind of art and I'm a bit curious about it. Hope you can share your pixel art samples here too. Looking forward to seeing it. Note: Post edited: Just googled it a while ago (can't wait for the reply). Saw a few examples and it reminded of my hobby a few years back - cross stitching. Here's a pixel art sample >> http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/295/9/d/gyarados_pixel_art_grid_by_hama_girl-d4dlzlt.png
  9. If your current hosting provides unlimited bandwidth, huge or unlimited disk space, if it's up 99.9% of the time, and price is fair then I believe that you don't need to change or transfer to another host provider. Another important factor to consider is the customer service. I'm not a programmer so most of the time I rely on my host provider to explain technical things to me and fortunately they were able to do this and more. That's why I'm still with them for around 3 years now.
  10. Jaypee

    SMF SMF anyone?

    Last post here was over a year ago and a lot has changed with SMF since then. I am using SMF and I'm very satisfied so far. It's free, easy to manage, and most importantly - I get great support from the SMF community. As for the SMF look - nowadays you can make your SMF forum look cool too (unlike before). A number of web developers have seen the demand of SMF forum owners for nice looking SMF forum themes like DzinerStudio.com. I recently got a simple, clean and free theme from them and I'm really enjoying the look of my forum now. I'm also not worried growing my community with
  11. Jaypee

    Hello (",)

    Hello everyone, My real nickname is Eppie and I'm from Manila, Philippines. I'm a self-taught web designer and still has a lot to learn trying to keep up with the latest in technology, software, programs, etc.. I joined this forum to meet more like-minded individuals and hopefully learn from their expertise and experiences. Hope to meet more friendly people around the forum. God Bless!
  12. But sometimes you need to do this (i.e. create a dual or multiple accounts) to make a forum, especially new forums, look active or to get a certain topic going. It's a good way to encourage real users to join in the discussion too. I actually have two fictional accounts in my forum - I use them to ask questions that other members might be interested to ask too (in topics with no replies) and after some time I noticed that other real users started to join in that particular discussion. And in reply to this topic "How often and how much do you post on your own forum?" Just like most
  13. I've been planning to learn GIMP ever since I learned of its existence. But when I downloaded and tried to learn it > nothing happened, maybe I just don't have the time (or the patience) to really learn the program. Though it's still on my "to do" list but not on my priority list, anyway I only use image editors to create simple ad banners and for now my MS Powerpoint and a free screencapture is enough to do the job.
  14. Bookmarked! I just downloaded this social media icon set from the site. I have a set similar to this but doesn't include Pinterest and StumbleUpon and I've been searching for that two icons (something similar) for my portfolio ever since. Thanks for sharing admin.
  15. I learned HTML from an old book in 2004. I was in a local bookstore just browsing the books on sale passing the time before my next appointment meeting then I saw this HTML Tutorial book worth around $2.00. I want to learn how to create a simple website then for my husband's small trading business and so I bought the book. As for CSS - still in the learning process.
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