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    Jaypee reacted to Shole in SMF anyone?   
    I have been using SMF since I got into forums. I used it first from Smfnew an auto hosting site. You just select a domain and they make you a site in 5 min and then you modify it. There were limits so I changed to free hosting and then paid cpanel hosting.
    There I really learned to love the simple mod installation and easy to use admin panel of SMF. Since then Simple Machines Forum was my favorite and still is. Every of my current forums runs on SMF software and I am currently learning its codes so in some time i might be able to create my own mods
    What are your thoughts about SMF?
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    Jaypee reacted to Victor Leigh in SMF anyone?   
    I have just googled for big forums which use SMF. Some of them are really big. Like Red and White Kop which has nearly 6 million posts and 30K members. I suppose they have found a way to use SMF efficiently and effectively. You can check it out here:
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